Oct 112012

Brit Hume and Greta Van Susteren slammed Joe Biden tonight for his rude behavior and excessive smiling during the VP debate with Paul Ryan.

There was snark. There were guffaws. According to Fox News commentator Brit Hume there was “derisive sneering.”

In short, he said, it was a “cranky old man debating a polite young man.”

Biden tries to make up debate ground for Obama

CNN snap poll: Paul Ryan 48 Biden 44

I end with the best line…

Your choice is more clear then EVER!


  2 Responses to “Chris Wallace: Disrespectful ~ WND: Snark, interruptions, ‘derisive sneering’ ~ Brit Hume, Greta Rude Debate Behavior”

  1. My teenage children are in a debate club and the second item on the list of things you should not do in a debate is: Don’t laugh, snicker, roll your eyes or engage in any other disruptive or rude behavior.

    The kids in this club felt a little insulted by this item because they thought it was obvious that this is inappropriate behavior during a debate (and in many other social situations),

    The left might try to spin this and call Biden’s behavior assertive and strong, but most people with common sense (young and old) see it as belittling, divisive and rude.

    Thanks for all your great articles and research JP!


    • Meant to tell you WE have Thrashers in Decatur :)

      The kids should be embarrassed this man is a heartbeat from the presidency. Cannot wait to see the bump in the polls!

      Your welcome Gayle and thank you for your loyalty!

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