Oct 072012

Well, seems as if ‘I’ am not the only one who is thinking this:

First thing ‘I’ thought of: Iran shows off captured US drone leading Russia and China to ask to inspect its technology.

WND’s Headline Today: Did Iran just fire the first shot?

Drone downed over Israel tied to Iran and Officials fear future precision attacks by explosive-laden aerial vehicles.

JERUSALEM – The unidentified aerial vehicle that was downed yesterday after penetrating Israel’s airspace was the suspected work of a combined operation of two Iranian-backed groups – Hezbollah and the Islamic Jihad – according to Middle East security officials.

The security officials said they believe the purpose of flying the drone into Israel was twofold: To collect aerial reconnaissance photos and video intelligence; and as a test to see how deep an unmanned drone can penetrate Israel before being detected by the Israeli army.

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Israeli jets scramble to intercept what appears to be an intelligence-gathering drone from unknown origins flying over southern region of the country.

An unmanned aircraft was shot down by the Israeli air force Saturday after it crossed the southern region of the country, Reuters reported.

The report said it is unclear where the aircraft originated. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) tells Fox News the unmanned aircraft did not depart from the Gaza strip.

The aircraft flew over Israel for less than thirty minutes and did not carry any explosives on board, sources told Fox News. IDF spokesperson Yoav Mordechai said the aircraft was monitored and accompanied by fighter planes throughout its flight and it was possible to shoot it down at any stage.

Israel radio reported that it appeared to be an intelligence gathering drone.

It’s not the first time that Israel has shot down drones entering its airspace, but such cases are rare. The Iran-backed Lebanese militia Hezbollah has launched several such aircraft into Israel over the past few years.

“We view this incident of attempting to enter Israeli airspace very severely and we will consider our response later,” he said in a statement.

Jerusalem Post: IDF: Unmanned aerial vehicle shot down in northern Negev


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  1. If this happens here in the USA, we should shoot it down also. Invading other countries airspace is a crime and should be handled accordingly.

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