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I posted this on October 10th. I am recycling it because we still have 3 weeks from tomorrow, for an ‘October’ Surprise.

This was posted today at The Western Center for Journalism:

I received a phone call from an old friend that has been in Washington D.C. for years and is fairly well-connected politically. What she told me was ugly and sinister, yet very compelling. She said she had received information from someone high up in White House circles, and wanted my thoughts. No, there is no leaked email, no concrete proof, and this article is based on “hearsay.” I’m not one that usually engages in or repeats hearsay, but if this is true, it could be the biggest story in 50 years.

According to her, Barack Obama, wanting an “October Surprise,” had secretly arranged with the Muslim Brotherhood for a kidnapping of our ambassador. Then sometime in October before the election Obama was to orchestrate some great military action to rescue Ambassador Stevens, causing all of America to cheer Obama’s strong foreign policy and bravery and making him look like a hero. After all, his supposed killing of Osama Bin Laden bounce had long since faded. Thus, sweeping him to victory in November. Imagine the headlines and talking points.

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Listening to Glenn Beck right now. He has brought up some issues that no one has. His sources have told him things that make you wonder, did this administration allow guns to walk to the rebels? Was Chris Stevens there to be the broker for said guns?

An Incriminating Timeline:

This was leaked last night, deliberately ahead of the Oversight and Reform hearing today:

* Listen here at Noon est

The Obama Administration’s story on the attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens has changed yet again.

In advance of a hearing on diplomatic security in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee today, more details have leaked out—and the State Department is now saying it never thought that the attack in Benghazi was prompted by a YouTube video.

They KNEW this was going to come out at today’s hearing!

“The State Department now says it never believed the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was a film protest gone awry,” the Associated Press reports. “Department officials were asked about the administration’s initial—and since retracted—explanation linking the violence to protests over an American-made anti-Muslim video circulating on the Internet.

One official responded, ‘That was not our conclusion.’ He called it a question for ‘others’ to answer, without specifying.”

Obama etal chose to use it to attack Romney for coming out before them. But Romney was right. Glenn contends it is all about Obama’s connection to the Muslim Brotherhood as covered in The Project.

GB cited ” Never let a good crisis go to waste “, what did they use this crisis to implement? Arab Spring. Furthering the MB and their agenda. GB’s sources begged him to get this news out.

* A U.S. security officer named Eric Nordstrom, who will testify in today’s hearing, has said he asked his State Department superiors twice for more security at the post in Benghazi, but received no response. Reuters reports that “Nordstrom also argued for more U.S. security in Libya by citing a chronology of over 200 security incidents there from militia gunfights to bomb attacks between June 2011 and July 2012. Forty-eight of the incidents were in Benghazi.”

You must see this timeline:

What disturbs me the most is WHY did Chris even go there? Sept. 10-11, 2012:

Stevens arrives in Benghazi and holds meetings on and off the consulate grounds on Sept. 10. He spends the night, and for the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the U.S. holds meetings only inside the compound.

He went for a very ‘specific’ reason!

Rebels ‘knew’ about these guns. Rebels wanted these guns!

See Complete Timeline

Heritage’s James Carafano said that a statement from the Director of National Intelligence seemed to be “more about providing political cover for the White House than answering serious questions about the misstatement from the President’s spokespersons.”

Carafano said:

The Administration’s official line on embassy attacks was already shaky, after Twitter posts, press statements, and other official pronouncements related to the attack on the U.S. embassy in Cairo were pulled from State Department websites.

But the worst was Ambassador Susan Rice’s defense of the Administration on television last weekend. Rice vigorously asserted that the attack in Benghazi was not “premeditated,” even as she must have known top Libyan officials were already declaring that the attacks were planned.

The lesson of Benghazi is clear. One way or another, our government has failed us.

- source

An Incriminating Timeline:

As Glenn’s sources said get this out everywhere today. The Truth. If you do not know by now obama was put in the White House for this specific reason, then you are a fool my friend. Obama is a danger to this country. That’s that! ~ JP


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