Oct 182012

“It’s time to put the adults back in charge,” says the narrator of a new attack ad from a conservative political action committee. “Sometimes Barack Obama seems to confuse being president with being on spring break,” he continues. “It’s time to retire the beer-summit, spring-break presidency.”

The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama released this new advertisement just after the end second presidential debate Tuesday night, which saw Obama continue his campaign’s theme of painting GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney as out-of-touch and elitist. The ad takes the out-of-touch theme and turns it against Obama. The PAC’s ad notes that Obama has played more than 100 rounds of golf during his tenure. It also features clips of his “slow jamming the news” on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and other talk show appearances. This is contrasted with criticisms of rising gas prices, unemployment and foreclosures…

h/t FOX Nation The “spring break” president?


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