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How many of us even ‘knew’ there was a ruling?! Not me and I pride myself in keeping up on all news and issues.

Civil Liberties Victory: Judge Halts Indefinite Detention Law Judge: “First Amendment rights are guaranteed by the Constitution and cannot be legislated away”

– Common Dreams staff

From Common Dreams:

A federal judge struck down a law that allows indefinite detention as a provision of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on Wednesday.

As Democracy Now! summarizes the ruling:

Judge Katherine Forrest issued a preliminary injunction against the provision in the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, earlier this year. On Wednesday, Judge Forrest made her ruling permanent, declaring that the NDAA cannot be used to hold people in indefinite military detention on suspicion of having “substantially supported” al-Qaeda or its allies. The decision marked a major victory for the group of journalists, scholars and political activists who had brought the case, arguing the provision was so broad it could easily infringe on freedom of speech.

“First Amendment rights are guaranteed by the Constitution and cannot be legislated away,” Forrest wrote in the ruling:

“This Court rejects the Government’s suggestion that American citizens can be placed in military detention indefinitely, for acts they could not predict might subject them to detention.”

“In short, the Court can find no authority in domestic law or the law of war, nor can the government point to any, to justify the concept of ‘support’ as a valid ground for detention,” Forrest wrote.

Judge Permanently Blocks Indefinite Detention Provision in NDAA Democracy Now
– source Common Dreams staff

I would never had known any of this if not for belonging to BI or following David on Twitter. I admire his writing skills and support him in his 2014 congressional run for the 20th (redistricted) in Florida. I respect his activism and intelligence and when I saw today he was only one of very few news sources to break this news, I had to post this.

David stated he was surprised there were no bloggers reporting on this. Well, here I am David. This will get out to the masses.

From David, Patriots:

This sent a chill down my spine. In the midst of my interview with Tangerine Bolen, a plaintiff in the lawsuit against the NDAA’s indefinite detention provisions & coordinator of, she received an email from her lawyer to inform her that the Obama administration has already appealed yesterday’s historic court ruling. That court ruling found indefinite detention to be unconstitutional, and issued a permanent block of that provision.

But the celebration was short lived. Because of Obama. He was a busy creature yesterday on what should have been a solemn day.

For a man who doesn’t want the ability to order the military to abduct and detain citizens – without charge or trial – it is quite odd that his administration is appealing yet again.

And, as stated in the interview, I would love to speak with someone from the administration on-record about this and hash it out. Why do you need this power?

This is David’s FULL interview:

Listen to the full interview



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