Sep 212012

Around 220 Thursday afternoon, people who live near the nuclear power plant heard a loud noise, saw steam and then the plant automatically shut down.

This is the second time that this has happened in the past month.

Along with that steam, authorities say undetectable amounts of radiation were released into the air.”

Check out this airhead with an oxymoron statement: ” Came some radiation. Very small. Undetectable amount.” HUH? So tired of them lying to us.

So low it cannot be detected. Would you feel safe in NY?

TMI officials say that the cause of the plant’s automatic shutdown was a malfunction of a reactor coolant pump.

There are four of them and one malfunctioned.

The reactor coolant pump circulates water through the reactor coolant system.

TMI is still in shutdown mode.

Thursday’s TMI shutdown is the second in a month


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