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Police are investigating disturbing mail sent to the office of rising GOP star and Utah Congressional candidate Mia Love. The mail is being described as “creepy,” and includes a picture of Love and her husband, a hooded Ku Klux Klan character, and even aborted fetuses.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — A packet of information sent to Mayor Mia Love’s office that city officials described as racist launched a police investigation Tuesday.

City Manager Mark Christensen described the contents of the thick envelope as “disturbing” and “pretty creepy stuff.” He said it included a picture of Love and her husband, Jason, and a hooded Ku Klux Klan character. There also were pictures of aborted fetuses, he said.

Saratoga Springs Police Chief Gary Hicken said he assigned an officer to investigate.

“I can say it’s racial in nature but I can’t tell you it’s criminal in nature,” he said.

“I want you to know, I want everyone to know I am comfortable in my skin. I’m comfortable and proud of my heritage. I’m proud of who I am. I know where I’m going and I know what we need to do to get this country back in order again. There isn’t anything that anyone can send me that will distract me from that so they can bring it,” she said. – Mia Love

Calling herself a “tough cookie,” Love said she would do everything she can to protect herself and her family. Hicken said police might increase patrols around Love’s house as they would for any resident who receives threats.

Love said she believes she’s a target because she poses a problem to the policies of the Obama administration. She said the threats are meant to divert her from the issues in the race.

“I knew that people would come after me,” Love said. “I knew that people would try to change and distort information so I’m going to focus on things that are really important.”

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This is not the first time Love has been the victim of racism.

In late August, her Wikipedia page was edited to include racist, misogynistic slurs.

At the time, Twitchy noted that liberals on Twitter called her a “token” after her rousing speech to the RNC convention.

MSNBC refused to air Love’s convention speech, and as of this writing, has remained silent about the incident.

According to the Daily Mail, the package arrived as an internal poll released by her campaign shows her surging into a 15-point lead over Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson.

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