Sep 062012

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We love Caddell and Michael here!

Democrat Pat Caddell seems to think that the Obama regime national security intelligence leaker is National Security Advisor Tom Donilon who has a history of things like that for partisan reasons. But Michael Reagan (the son of Ronald Reagan) have a different idea who the leaker is. Michael Reagan seems to think the turncoat who’s leaking national security intelligence to the pink slime media to make Obama look is none other than Joe Biden. Seems Biden threatened Ronald Reagan that he would leak things to the media if he tried certain covert operations that the plagiarist Biden didn’t approve of. Seems to make sense to me that the idiot Biden could be the leaker (or Donilon.)

Democratic activist Pat Caddell told Sean Hannity that he definitively knows former political hack and current National Security Advisor Tom Donilon was the source of the White House security leaks. Jun 11, 2012 by jackohoft



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  1. […] Finally, there’s Tom Donilon, the President’s National Security Adviser. As I first declared in June, Donilon is surely responsible for many of the leaks coming out of the White House, all of which […]

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