Sep 062012

“I was stunned,” Fox News Contributor Charles Krauthammer began. “There was nothing in it … there was nothing in there that tells us how he’s going to go from today to tomorrow.”

* No meat on the bone, I think it rings quite HOLLOW

The syndicated columnist, reacting to President Obama’s DNC speech shortly after it was delivered, went on to say that the president “…pulled numbers out of a hat … What we heard from Obama was a vision … He doesn’t say how he gets from point A to point B.” Krauthhammer added, tongue in cheek, “I have a vision of America where there’s no disease and everybody has a private airplane. But unless I tell you how we get there, I’ve said nothing.”

He concluded by calling the speech “flat,” (and NO Content) joking that “otherwise, I loved it, really.”

Charles also said it moves Obama in battleground states to the – NEGATIVE. For Independents or somewhat undecided I think it will set him backwards. What I loved most is the quizzical look on Charles face as if he was so befuddled with what Obama spewed and did not offer up.

h/t Fox Insider


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