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* PART 1 The ‘Bayou Corne Sinkhole’ Office of Conservation Orders Texas Brine to Cease Reporting…

* PART 2 “The Cavern had Failed”

You read the title correct. Officials said there was no detectable threat levels of toxic materials.

The radio activity of 5,900 picocurries per kilogram from uranium and thorium on the surface of the sinkhole. Levels are ‘much’ higher levels down even deeper of radiation.

- source

Here is the Sinkhole Flyover from 09/24/12:

See how it’s grown from Aug 9, 2012 from a aeroscan flyover:

To further the cover-up of this under reported story Unified Command officials refused a request from residents, some living only 2,000 feet from the sinkhole disaster, to attend their Emergency Town Hall Meeting, Assumption Parish officials contacted the media and other officials to urge them to shun the meeting, according to a local community advocate and organizer.

If you’ve been reading our investigative series, you are familiar with the town hall meeting in PART 1.

* Sinkhole blackout, officials tell media to censor resident meeting

We also told you of the claims filing information. Showing this is bigger then being reported. The research tools are available, it JUSTS takes a bit of digging. That is why we felt it was vital to bring it all together for you in our series.

Per Texas Brine, Evacuee Assistance Fund distributions will be made TODAY, Thursday, Sept. 27, from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. in the parish hall the St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church in Pierre Part.

In the wee hours of this morning it was being reported:

* Radio active material dumped during the 90s has been entombed at the bottom

* EPA deliberately allows radio active waste dumping in salt caverns and is exempt from hazardous waste requirements

* Chemical experts say residents will be extremely dangerous alpha radiation coming from the sinkhole

* Radiation waste in cavern likely exceeded radiation limits. Up to 20 cubic feet pumped inside

Officials report new bubbling about 3 miles from giant sinkhole — 3 times further away than any bubble site yet. River Parishes bureau

You can see the map of 25 + bubble sites here. This thing reminds me of ‘The Blob’.

Just the thought of this movie as a child sent me into a tailspin. Can we even imagine what this is doing to residents, has been doing to residents of Grand Bayou and Bayou Corne?

* Texas Brine Company, LLC:

Brine is water, fully saturated with sodium chloride – common table salt – and is the sole raw material used in the manufacture of chlorine and caustic soda (chloralkali).

The report from Texas Brine yesterday says Preparations are underway at the Observation Well to install 4-inch tubing from the surface to just below the roof of cavern. This work is expected to
take until today. The analytical results regarding the samples of both solid and liquid materials taken from cavern #3 have not yet been received. The sinkhole was stable overnight with no apparent additional growth. Surface vegetation and debris removal efforts have been postponed in order to allow time to monitor sinkhole activity over the next several days.

Anyway this is what they are logging. We will not get the truth from them or the government because Texas Brine is under that gag order.

What we have learned shows us they probably knew when they capped it, that it didn’t take. the sinkhole cavern is appox 50-100 mi inland from the Gulf. Which begs to ask, could this also be related to what happened with the Gulf oil spill. Did a drill platform have anything to contribute or is this JUST a ‘bayou’ problem?

Drilling into a salt cavern had set off catastrophic chain reactions at Lake Peigneur in 1980. Some say drilling of BP’s Deepwater Horizon site at Macondo Well in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010 had a signature of a salt dome disaster. In both events, damage to the environment, the people and their livelihoods have been devastating.

Is the sinkhole a diversion? A cover up for something more nefarious going on with the North American craton (mantle/solid piece) causing pressure , opens faultlines (stress cracks.)

Heres a thought PF said: “Yes TX brine may be culpable. BP may be culpable. But it could be as simple as Mother Nature and we do not see that being discussed.

He related this expands existing fault lines and ‘creates’ new fault lines. Popping up where they have never been before. Changes in the static stress can trigger nearby earthquakes that occur within a few fault lengths from the causative event. Dynamic stress triggering could be responsible.

Recently to lend credence to the hypothesis, KVAL in Oregon told of a new lava formation off Oregon coast. A team of scientists just discovered a new eruption of Axial Seamount, an undersea volcano located about 250 miles off the Oregon coast – and one of the most active and intensely studied seamounts in the world. What makes the event so intriguing is that the scientists had forecast the eruption starting five years ago – the first successful forecast of an undersea volcano.

They discovered that the volcano was gradually inflating at the rate of 15 centimeters (six inches) a year, indicating that magma was rising and accumulating under the volcano summit.

Maybe its a stretch of pressure relief BUT could it be responsible for the ‘bubbles’ in Bayou Corne Parrish?

Which brings us to today. Officials also are trying to determine the sources of natural gas releases in area bayous as well as tremors that preceded and have followed the sinkhole’s emergence. Assumption Parish authorities dealing with a growing, 4-acre sinkhole in the Bayou Corne area scheduled a community meeting at 10 a.m. Saturday to provide information on planned natural gas venting and positioning of geo-probes on private property.

Assumption Parish authorities dealing with a growing, 4-acre sinkhole in the Bayou Corne area scheduled a community meeting at 10 a.m. Saturday to provide information on planned natural gas venting and positioning of geo-probes on private property.

Indications of natural gas have been found in an aquifer beneath the Bayou Corne area northwest of the Napoleonville Dome. The aquifer is located in strata overlying the top of the dome. Natural gas, in addition to its presence in the aquifer, also has been found in caprock crowning the dome, a solid salt deposit.

The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources has ordered the Napoleonville Dome’s seven operators to find and vent off any gas. The agency also is working with contractor Shaw Environmental (covered in Part I) on observation wells northwest of the dome that could be used to eventually vent off the gas.

This series will continue so long as this is not resolved and people are getting sick from their cover ups. More tomorrow…


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