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In this ever evolving story, which btw needs to be out over the blagosphere and social media, JUST in as I was putting together our findings, comes this Order from the STATE OF LOUISIANA OFFICE OF CONSERVATION. So I can bring you this and the other up to date info pouring in. This report will be abbreviated with current news and our findings in PART II.

We feel that, although this has been an ongoing investigation for weeks, the reason the DNR decided to move their bums, is due to the townhall the residents of Bayou Corn had September 20th. Note the date (November 20, 2012) in that PDF issued by the DNR. Did the election come and go while I’ve been investigating? Or is that when the STATEWIDE ORDER NO. 29-R-12/13 will be implemented. You tell me because government bureaucracy boggles the mind.

As you will see in the first video recorded at the townhall, NO, let me repeat NO officials bothered to show up to address the people of this parrish and allay their worries. They sent in some knucklehead who is a lab student doing oil well research. Say what?! They send a lowly minion to log the meeting?! He admonishes the citizens to be ‘civil’ and organized. Relaying to them time is limited.

To see the other tapes from the Bayou Corne, Louisiana “Emergency Resident Meeting” Sep 20, 2012 Click Here

This being out of my passionate expertise realm, I wore the hat of research, while PF lent the knowledge. This is a collaboration of what we both discovered. Problem is that there is so much we do not know. This takes many bloggers and citizen journalists contributing. Our impetus is PF’s thirst for the ‘Silkwood’ Truth on it and the reporting of Dutch has been invaluable and instrumental to his own investigation into theories and facts about this possible catastrophe.

Dutch has called for people to sign a petition. We do not recommend it because it is through the site. A comment on Dutch’s YT channel:

DO NOT bring the federal government into this situation. Have we learned nothing from our recent history? These people need to reach out in their communities and find people that might have some suggestions on how to deal with this. You bring the in the Feds and they’ll round up anyone in the area, put them in FEMA trailer parks, starve them out and take over the entire area. That would not be good for anyone. This is Louisiana, keep it Louisiana. I’m not signing their land over to the feds. posted by 5452347

My question is WHY has Gov. Jindal not been involved in the media on this. Note that this link is a independent news source who seems disenfranchised with Jindal, in their Op-Ed, but in this he makes their case:

Jindal’s response was all too typical of his wanting everything his way—whether it involves public education, higher education, health care, or oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico.

Everything, that is, except that Bayou Corne sinkhole in Assumption Parish. The sinkhole, the size of three football fields and 380 feet deep, is only 1500 feet from a butane-filled cavern. That’s one place Jindal has never shown his face despite–or maybe because of–the lingering threat of a major explosion.

And I agree. Jindal has been AWOL on this potentially catastrophic sinkhole.

The Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness is coordinating with state agencies and local officials responding to the slurry incident in Bayou Corne. GOHSEP has deployed its mobile command unit to the area to help ensure that agencies are working together to help local leaders respond. How much they are truly involved or what they reveal in their situation summary issued yesterday, is anyone’s guess.

One thing that is certain, the public at large, has no idea JUST how big this story is. It has the same whodunit’s as the BP oil spill.

Despite the fact officials could not be bothered with the residents of Bayou Corne, they wasted no time today issuing this warning to Texas Brine to desist from going public with their ‘version’ of things, without running it past them first. As you will see in Part II, we do not know who is complicit. The more we research, the more game players come into the picture.

Being the government has taken over and evacuated from the immediate area, independent testings and observations has gone out the window.

The players that have come into play today:

* Louisiana Commissioner of Conservation James Welsh today placed new requirements on Texas Brine and ordered required samples, data and analysis be provided to Office of Conservation. Welsh said the amendment to the existing Declaration of Emergency and Directive came following Texas Brine’s unilateral declaration that its cavern had been breached due to regional seismic activity.

* USGS is involved because there are differentiating opinions on the seismic activity. Texas Brine issued a statement late Monday night making the claim of a regional seismic cause for the cavern failure and citing U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) seismic analysis, without prior notice or consultation with state agencies, Assumption Parish officials or the Science Work Group created to support the investigation.

In this complex involvement, the USGS Senior Adviser for Earthquake and Geologic Hazards William Leith stated that USGS consensus is that the seismic activity detected in the area is a consequence of the cavern collapse, not the cause of the collapse and sinkhole.

So here we go again. The knee bone’s connected to the ankle bone friends. You have the Office of Conservation blaming Texas Brine. Rightly so. Texas Brine and USGS are at odds. Getting the feeling that passing the buck is in play? Now enter the Halliburton of this mess, the Shaw Group. If anyone is familiar with any of the executive Leadership please contact me. The Office of Conservation also will continue to have contract staff from the Shaw Group on the drilling site, performing ongoing testing and analysis, including:

* Sampling of natural gas in the cavern to compare with natural gas found in other areas near the Bayou Corne community

* Analysis of results of sonar testing to determine the current profile of the cavern structure

* Determining stability of the roof of the cavern

* Analysis of types of fluids found in the cavern

So where is the ‘independent study’? So far it reeks of cover up. The Shaw Group showed 2011 revenues of $5.9 billion. They are a Fortune 500 company with 25,000 employees around the world. Shaw serves the energy, chemicals, environmental, infrastructure and emergency response industries. No small potatoes.

Welsh said he has also directed the Office’s contractor to perform an independent root cause analysis of the cavern failure. So the only thing being done independently is the root cause analysis. By the Shaw Group.

Of course none of this, since the beginning, passes the smell test. And we will tell you more in PART II.

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