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Up front let me cite this article from my hometown:

Voter registration in Chicago is down by about 225,000 people, compared to the presidential election four years ago.

Down by A LOT!!! Dems are desperately even trying to register folks at an ‘exercise’ class’ at a South Side (Obama Hood) gym. What now Barry? Lady in the video said: They JUST need that ‘push’. In Chicago that is known as your butt best register & vote for Obama. Thug tactics, especially from a ward Precinct Committeeman. They can strong arm all they want & if registering is not convenient, people will be apathetic. He insulted their intelligence long enough and no place is it more apparent then Chicago. Even if they bully them into registering, they will also have to bully them on election day & get out their bully transports to get them to the polls. Hopefully enough of them will resent all of these bully tactics enough so when they are alone they they do NOT vote for Obama. We can pray.

and rest assured as WGN writes:

Neal made the comments when announcing a new “Electronic Wizard” system through which registration can be launched from a smart phone or tablet. After submitting the information via those devices, a form is mailed back to the applicant, who only has to sign it and return it in the mail.

The elections board also is reaching out to young voters by making it possible to registered at City Colleges facilities, and for those who will turn 18 by election day, at high schools.

Note that registration is not so bad in suburban counties. I’d wager they are not Cook County. DuPage County; Kane County; Kendall County; Lake County; and McHenry County are very conservative and many will go for Romney. But beware in the southern counties, which belong to Obama:

Local civic groups and leaders worked Tuesday to register as many people as possible to vote in the Nov. 6 election as part of a nationwide effort.

Voter registration drives occurred at libraries, village halls, stores, and suburban courthouses in Cook County, where registrars tried to capture the attention of people as they were on their way to scheduled court appearances.

The Cook County clerk’s office worked with the League of Women Voters and the Pacesetters, a Hazel Crest-based civic organization, to staff booths at every suburban courthouse, including the Markham facility at 16501 Kedzie Ave.

In Chicago, the city Board of Election Commissioners organized a similar effort with booths set up at City Hall and at its office at 69 W. Washington St.

During the first couple of hours Tuesday, about a dozen people took advantage of the booth set up in the lobby of the Sixth District Cook County Circuit Courthouse in Markham to register to vote.

Which brings us to the ‘juiced polls’. I gave you an idea simply what goes on in Obama’s home turf.

John Nolte over at Breitbart noted:

If you’re going to believe the polls released from CBS/New York Times this morning — you know, the polls the media’s currently using to beat Romney senseless and to depress Republican enthusiasm, you have to believe that the turnout advantage for Democrats over Republicans will blow away every previous record and common sense.

And it IS depressing to have it shoved down your nose, ears and eyes from TV and the internet. So THAT is the message you need to spread Patriots. DO NOT let these faux polls affect you! Instead let it crank you up and go down & sign up to work your polling place like I did. Get the Romney/Ryan message out there.

John went onto say:

It’s that simple. Because these polls are not only telling us that Romney is losing OH, PA, and FL by insurmountable margins; these polls are also telling us that Democrat turnout is projected to blow away every modern record.

And that is why I wanted to buoy you up with, hey if they are having difficulty in gangsta Chi-Town, JUST imagine with the awareness of the ‘truth’ on our side about Obama, well it will be interesting to see the dim turnout.

The thing the media polls don’t headline is what they’re seeing as far as the Democrat turnout advantage because no one would believe it. In fact, no one believes Obama will match the D+7 nationwide advantage he enjoyed in 2008. And no one certainly believes he will surpass it.

* And that is proven with what I’ve told you.

Oh, except this non-stop litany of media polls being wielded like weapons by the corrupt media.

Here are the CBS/New York Times internals.

And here’s the con the CBS/NYTs is attempting to pull:


In 2004 the vote was R+4.

In 2008 the vote was D+3

CBS/NYTs is reporting that in 2012 we will see D+9


In 2004 the vote was R+5

In 2008 the vote was D+8

CBS/NYTs is reporting that in 2012 we will see D+9


In 2010 the vote was D+3

In 2008 the vote was D+7

CBS/NYTs is reporting that in 2012 we will see D+9

Friends, if you are in the ‘swing states’ do not buy into the propaganda! If they are having trouble in Illinois, notoriously dim and not even a swing sate, well…

Again, why won’t the media report the dramatic news that Democrats are expected to turnout in record numbers against Republicans?

Because the media doesn’t believe it.

And yet, that’s exactly what media polls claim will happen.

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  3 Responses to “{ ~ JP Today } Obama ‘Juiced’ Polls: Non-stop litany wielded like weapons by the Corrupt Media”

  1. Thank you all for the wonderful and truthful comments on this page! I was a Democrat for years because I was brought up in Massachusetts and followed the flow, as most do up there.

    I learned a lot by doing my own investigating and found that WE, THE AMERICAN CITIZENS, were
    being told lie after lie and no one was being held accountable. This upset me to no end. Then came the Clinton Era. I thought that he would be a good change, but was proven wrong! When the Monica incident came about and he claimed “HE DIDN’T HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN”, his famous quote of the year, I was enraged. He called his sex companion, Monica “THAT WOMAN”. That was disgraceful too me and I immediately went and changed my political stance. I became a Republican and since that time have watched and learned about all the right and wrong things to access before picking and choosing someone to represent ALL AMERICANS. Watching television and hearing people say they were voting for, 2nd term, Clinton because he was “CUTE” made be nauseous.

    John F. Kennedy had class and yeah, he did have affairs. He was bright enough to not do that sort of thing at the White House. His famous statement is “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, But Ask What You Can Do For Your Country.

    Obama is not doing anything good for “OUR COUNTRY” and he should be “FIRED”, “IMPEACHED”, etc. Just my take on things. Sorry for ranting! I will vote for ROMNEY/RYAN in NOVEMBER 2012. I do not believe the liberal press polls at all and pray to God daily that we will have a NEW PRESIDENT WHO ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT THE CITIZENS and will CONTINUE TO TELL THE TRUTH. We are not babies, just learning about life. WE THE PEOPLE REALIZE WE NEED BETTER RESPESENTATION IN THE WHITE HOUSE TO SURVIVE. If Obama is re-elected, we can be assurred that WE THE PEOPLE, will lose lots of our FREEDOMS that WE presently have. Just wait and see!

    • Barb, I wish other democrats would read what you wrote and they too would be reformed. I am so sick of voting for the lesser of two evils. I voted Clinton first term. Sin. I voted Bush first term and he let us down on immigration. I think PF has the right idea. Fire em all & let Obama sit in his ivory tower with no power because he will have nothing. We knew he was down right evil. We tried relentlessly in Illinois to prove his grand scheme. I said if Hillary was ever elected I’d move to Poland. If Obama got reelected I truly think it will kill me.

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