Sep 272012

image: Brian Thompson

- Michelle Obama’s butt’s so big the DNC considered switching logos with the GOP

Obese youngsters going to school should no more be deprived because of their girth than in-your-plate First Lady Michelle Obama should be called on her capacious caboose.

Any weight challenged student will tell you It is difficult enough getting through school without being set apart because of their weight.

Setting youngsters apart for their obesity is no different than holding their ethnicity or handicap against them. In fact it is government discrimination.

Everyone other than Michelle Obama seems to know that obesity isn’t necessarily a result of overeating or gluttony but is genetic.

Forcing school cafeterias to feed students food they will not eat is government bureaucracy.

Michelle Obama and the Department of Agriculture she uses to impose her will on school cafeterias are straight out of Charles Dickens in leaving school kids to go hungry. Thanks to them we now have a generation of Oliver Twists pleading with empty porridge bowls: “Please Sir, may I have some more?”

A parody on the national school lunch policy mandated by The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 which humorously shows the results of the limitations in carbohydrates and proteins.

The Queen of Mean’s heavy hand on school cafeterias has already created a black market for chocolate syrup in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

“In Wisconsin, high school athletes are complaining about not getting enough to eat each day, due to the skimpy new school lunch menu mandated by the United States Department of Agriculture and First Lady Michelle Obama.” (Townhall, Sept. 23, 2012).

The new school menu is Government in Action 101: Not only have new regulations increased the cost of a lunch 20 to 25 cents per plate, you can also add up the wastage of schools tossing into the garbage the food students are refusing to eat.

With no traceable schooling of any kind as a qualified nutritionist, Michelle Obama, who overhauled the school lunch, has self-graduated herself as a teacher with her arrogantly outrageous online course: ‘Supermarket Shopping 101’.

Like almost everything else the Community Organizer Obamas do, Supermarket Shopping 101 is an insult to people’s intelligence: “You’ve got your list, you’ve got your cart—let’s get shopping! Focus on the perimeter of the store first—that’s typically where you’ll find the produce, meat, and dairy sections, which stock fresh, whole foods that should comprise the bulk of your shopping list.”

Just like her husband, Mrs. Obama is having us on. Her obsession with food originates with power and not good health. Playing her nutrition role keeps her on daytime television.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama’s big butt comes with an unexpected advantage:

One big reason not to reelect her henpecked activist husband.

- Michelle Obama’s butt’s so big that when she flies on Air Force one it shows up as a separate blip on the radar

Queen of Mean’s heavy hand on school cafeterias - Judi McLeod


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