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I had to turn off Hannity last night when I heard him, saw his behavior and heard his words. I was disgusted to the point of nausea. He acted as if he were some rock star. Some sort of icon. Totally oblivious to the enormity of what happened to our dead Americans. Our ambassador was raped, and at least 13 hours before the body of Chris Stevens was recovered. He was paraded, not aided through the streets as evidenced by all the photos we have seen by now. I will not post those at JUST Piper.

WARNING: Contains disturbing content. Discretion advised.

It would be hours before U.S. personnel regained control. And hours before U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens’ body was recovered.

The security officer made it outside, only to return in search of Smith and Stevens. They found Smith. He was already dead. However, they could not find Stevens, and had to leave the building because of the heavy smoke and “small-arms fire,” officials said.

In piecing together these details, U.S. officials are still trying to figure out what exactly happened to Stevens.

Which of course they will never admit what happened to him. It takes a blogger like Joe Miller and more caring voices to reveal.

U.S. personnel did not see his body again until it was returned to the Benghazi airport around dawn.

Now despite all this, Bambi thinks he is giving a concert on Harry’s home turf. Listening to these morons cheering ‘ four more years’, you know they have no sense of Patriotism. None. They do not even give a damn about what happened to Americans in Libya. I was so incensed hearing this and him slobbering all over himself that I felt it safe to turn Hannity back on five minutes later and I caught Michelle Malkin. Know we all know why she was so fired up. She saw the very same clip of Obama we all did.

Let me begin the concert with telling you all (who I Love too) that ‘we all had a tough day today’

Why do they applaud when he speaks of grief?! Someone please explain that to me?! Throughout the speech morons were cheering. Don’t tell me that’s not communists. Obama again said the killers would be brought to justice. But yet Walid Shoebat can help you out. WANTED: These Two Suspects in U.S. Embassy Attacks Now mind you, THIS has been scrubbed from Walid’s site. It showed two photos with info. Guess the spooks made it disappear.

Audio of this speech:

Notice the clip ended without him missing a beat. He went straight into Nevada is a battleground state. My Lord he is so heartless. After all was said and done this creature was stumping for God’s sake. Watch for my article at Politichicks TV that ties in with this post. I explain the ‘why’ of Obama. ~ JP


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