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SEPTEMBER 8, in the year 70 AD, the Jewish capital of Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans.

This was the same date, known as Tisha B’Av in the Hebrew calendar, that Jerusalem was destroyed by the Babylonians 655 years earlier.

Historian Josephus recorded over a million Jews died as the Roman army laid siege, led by the future Roman Emperor Titus.

In 135 AD, after Bar Kokhba’s revolt, Roman Emperor Hadrian renamed the Province “Syria Palaestina,” and renamed Jerusalem “Aelia Capitolina,” in an attempt to erase Jewish history from the area.

Jews were even banned from entering the city on pain of death, though in 325 AD, Jews were allowed to enter once a year to pray at the Western Wall on Tisha B’Av.

The Land of Israel was successively invaded or occupied:

390 AD Byzantine Empire

614 AD Sassanid Persians

635 AD Umayyad Caliphate

750 AD Abbasid Caliphate

909 AD Fatimid Caliphate

1071 AD Seljuk Turks

1099 AD Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem

1187 AD Ayyubid Sultanate

1260 AD Mongolian Empire

1291 AD Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt

1517 AD Ottoman Sultanate

1660 AD Druze Dynasty

1799 AD French Napoleon

1844 AD Tanzimat Ottoman Empire

1864 AD Ottoman Vilayet of Syria

1917 AD Britain Mandate, issuing the Balfour Declaration establishing the Jewish homeland.

On May 14, 1948 AD, the Nation of Israel came into being again, and after the 1967 War, Jerusalem was once again under Jewish control.

Jerusalem was reaffirmed as Israel’s capital with “The Basic Law: Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel,” passed in 1980.

“Mrs. Lincoln informed me that…the very last moments of his conscious life were spent in conversation with her about his future plans…

He said he wanted to visit the Holy Land and see those places hallowed by the footprints of the Saviour.

He was saying there was no city he so much desired to see as Jerusalem.”


We Stand with Israel…


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