Sep 062012

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Newly obtained records from the University of Alabama at Birmingham show that though suspected mass murderer James Holmes was declined admission to the school, one university staffer predicted Holmes would be “a leader in the future.”

ABC 33/40 – Birmingham News, Weather, Sports

The documents further reveal a perplexing disconnect between a student who appeared to have remarkable academic ability, and the 24-year-old accused of the most extensive mass shooting in U.S. history.

Records obtained Wednesday by ABC News from the University of Alabama showed that a letter to Holmes dated March 21, 2011, said, “We regret to inform you that you have not been recommended for admission.”

One unidentified university staffer who met with Holmes for an interview wrote that he was an, “excellent applicant! Great GPA and GRE scores.”

Others were not as impressed.

“He may be extremely smart, but difficult to engage,” wrote one.

Another noted: “His personality may not be as engaging as some applicants, but he is going to be a leader in the future.”

Last week, officials revealed Holmes also applied to the neuroscience program at the University of Iowa, and was given an interview there in January 2011. After meeting with Holmes, neuroscience program director Daniel Tranel wrote an email to the admissions committee urging them to reject Holmes’ application. “James Holmes: Do NOT offer admission under any circumstances,” Tranel wrote. He did not elaborate.

Ultimately, Holmes withdrew his University of Kansas application and never met in person with staff there.


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