Sep 272012

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Joe Ricketts, whose family owns the Chicago Cubs, launched a multi-million dollar TV ad campaign Thursday – aimed at defeating President Obama.

One TV spot features three women who say they regret voting for the president in 2008.

A spokesman for Joe Ricketts said the ads will be paid for by his Super PAC, called the Ending Spending Action Fund. Ricketts is spending at least $10 million on the ad campaign.

Ending Spending Action Fund You Tube Channel

On the other side of the Ricketts family, Cubs co-owner Laura Ricketts is hosting a fundraiser for the Obama campaign here in Chicago on Thursday. The guest of honor will be First Lady Michelle Obama.

Mrs. Obama also will attend a fundraiser at HARPO studios and guest on the Steve Harvey Show.

Thought I’d add this from Forbes and Obama’s Gay Community :

Laura Ricketts is one of President Obama’s bundlers, or super-fundraisers, tapping her network of wealthy, influential friends, colleagues and peers to raise an unlimited amount for his 2012 campaign. So far, the openly gay lawyer and mother has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the cause. She is one of 27 high-profile gay and lesbian ‘bundlers’ for Obama, according to investigative work by the Center for Responsive Politics.


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