Sep 292012

Introduction – Martin S. Triche:Martin is a lawyer in Napoleonville, Louisiana Assumption County. He also represents Ward 5 as Juror & Parish President. Mr. Martin “Marty” S. Triche has been serving as Police Juror of Ward 5 since 1992. Note I have not watched these videos because I am too jaded when it comes to believe anything any politician. has to say.

Next up Steven Chustz, assistant DNR secretary of DNR. A resident of Ward 8 of Vermilion Par. Why are they sendingh a secretary to deal with this problem?!

Brian Davis, Sub of Shaw. I also have not listened to this because it is from the subcontractor hired by the Office of Conservation/DNR . Brian is not part of the executives over at Shaw. He is merely a subcontractor who got the gig. Also It is hard to hear the residents questions.

Governor’s Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness DOTD response

Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou Sinkhole USGS response




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