Sep 292012


Chris Piehler, DEQ. Administrator of Inspections Division, DEQ Systems Corp. Are they now looking for mercury too?

These are what has been found so far:

benzene aluminum processing

toulene paint thinners etc



vinyl chloride

Chris Piehler and Brian Davis

Getting a bit heated…wear headphones for better audio:

Brian Davis:

Steve Chustz and Shaw Group:

double-talk…resident talks about this has gotten out of control and no one can control it…

“I think the whole dome is sinking,” says resident by giant sinkhole — “Entire area around community is sinking”

stalling time frame until Tuesday. they are getting antsy & don’t want questions ‘after’ briefing televised…they say they were looking for the presence of gas, but neglect to mention exactly what toxins ‘have’ been discovered…


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