Aug 202012

There are sooo many songs that make me happy but the 60s of course does it best for me. I guess it’s because it takes us back to much better times. And I can tell you being 14 in 1965 ROCKED! Motown was my absolute ‘soul’. I saw many of the groups. Won many a dance contest to them.

The very first song I bounced to:

It was so cool to me because Stevie was but a year older then me. I still move ‘in my mind’ listening to it right now.

I had a hard time accepting the Beatles because I loved to dance. But between them and The Beach Boys, I had my first serious boyfriend, George. I was graduating from grammar school and he was in high school. The memories of music give me vivid details of that time. He bought us matching shirts. I wore my empire dress and on the train going to downtown Chicago, he gave me his ring. He even gave me blue mohair (you had to wrap a guys ring in yarn due to size) to match his blue sapphire he got for graduation. Makes me laugh because when he asked me if I would go with him, I responded, “Where?”. His song to me:

Mine to him:

But single most I LOVED the music of the Temptations, with the 4 Seasons a close second. Oh and of course Janis!

1968 Who I got to see. That time was a memory and a half…

I especially like these updated versions of both songs:

Tryin’ to come into today’s sound :) Crankin’ this up loud as I post…

This reminds me of my most favorite movie of that period, West Side Story:

I do love this dancing, although it was from my nephew’s age of 14.

A relatively recent song (3 yrs ago) that reminds me of my time and makes me happy:

I kinda carried my teens into the 70’s with the Jackson 5. Now they had dance music!

And buddee Disco was born, I was Dancin’ Yah!

Evolution of Hip-Hop…

My oldest child was into unknown heavy metal rockers and because of that she found me one of my all time favorite heavy metal group and a top contender for one track:

I also went through three kids and their ’14’. Which was good because it helped me stay young in music choices. My middle child was a trip though because this was her choice in 2002:

And my baby boy loved Hip Hop/Rap (ugh) We came to blows about this believe me :) I tried to talk him into LL Cool J. I would not buy him the CD’s he wanted. What we settled on was making white boyz cool:

I leave you with music can make you happy but it can also make you sad. Through a breakup or someone passing. I cannot listen to this without crying even now:

No matter what music IS instrumental into how we relate at periods of our lives. What was YOUR favorite at 14 and beyond? ~ JP


  3 Responses to “~ JP Videography : Which Music Makes Brings out your Inner 14 year old ?”

  1. BANNED at a local drive-in here and local radio stations – Love Is Strange Mickey and Sylvia

    In the Still of the Night -The Five Satins-original song – 1956

    Stay- Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs – original song-1960

    The Shirelles – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

    Great Carolinas Beach Shag (East Coast Swing Music) Bruce Channel – Hey! Baby

  2. Another thing we did for fun add ‘Under the Covers’ to song titles :)

  3. LOVE your choices! Learned to cha-cha to Stay. Soldier Boy remains my fav from the Shirelles

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