Aug 302012

First Video and Report from talkincrazytv:

A bomb from World War II found in Munich, unable to be diffused, was detonated in a controlled explosion Tuesday night.

The 550-pound bomb was found buried about three feet underground on Monday by a construction crew, according to Spiegel Online. Prior to detonation, 2,500 people in the area were evacuated, vehicles removed and streets closed. Even those outside the evacuation area were told to stay inside, if possible.

Luckily for onlookers the officials decided to detonate the bomb at 10 p.m., giving it the best view as the blast went up into the night sky.

Second report and video:

A bomb disposal team has detonated an American bomb left over from World War II found in the German city of Munich.

The detonation happened shortly before 22:00 local time (20:00 GMT) in the Schwabing district and was heard across the city, local media report.

There are reports that sparks from the explosion caused the roofs of some neighbouring buildings to catch fire.

The bomb was discovered on Monday night by building workers at the site of an old bar that was being demolished.

Overnight, 2,500 residents were evacuated from the area closest to the bomb, with others living further away being told to stay in their homes.

Experts decided it was not possible to make the device safe because of its unusual fuse, which operated by means of a chemical reaction rather than the mechanical device that many Allied World War II bombs used.

The bomb was described as a highly explosive, a 550lb (250kg) device dropped by the Americans.

Video Report from Associated Press includes the blast and a look at the aftermath and cleanup:

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