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Special thanks to Mike Royer of Alabama13 for posting this so timely!

Obama & Elizabeth Warren’s “You Didn’t Build That” Speech Came from a Leftist Berkeley Professor! They insist ‘somewhere’ someone in government helped you. Well I’m here to tell you right here in , Alabama has done it ALL on his own.

This young man is pure inspiration. His name is Jason Wilder and he works for Metal Supermarkets located in Fairfield, Alabama. I mention this particular Metal Supermarket because Jason’s boss John Kidd, has been very integral to Jason accomplishing what he has. Jason has worked for John for seven years. The company specializes in special order steel.

Jason said of his job:

It’s hard and hot work, but satisfying and rewarding too.

A guy who feels good about doing it for himself! A guy who relishes the idea I worked my buns off and is exhilarated with his own rewards.

When Jason expressed his interest in furthering his education John encouraged him as he would his own sons. He made it easier for Jason with scheduling and occasionally a little extra money for tuition and books.

“Everybody here is like a small family, we come to work, we know what we gotta do every day.”

Jason went on to say about the character of his boss:

Let’s not Point the Finger at what caused the ‘problem’. Let’s Find the problem, fix it and Go On!

Which to me says it all on the ‘blame game’ of this administration and seemingly shared the philosophy of Romney/Ryan.

Starting SEVEN years ago Jason took the long journey into putting himself through his education to obtain his Associates Degree at JEFFERSON STATE COMMUNITY COLLEGE. He took ONE class at a time. PAID for each class, one at a time, all the while working during the day in order to take evening classes. And he got that associates degree in Mechanical Engineering. The ‘steel’ determination of SEVEN years doing it by himself. For himself. Paying for it himself. Mike follows Jason through to his very last class. His very last test.

Tom White, Jason’s instructor bragged on Jason with pride:

He’s persevered, stayed the course. He’s taken difficult academic subjects. He’s to be commended and a lot of the younger students need to pick up on that and try to develop Jason’s strong work ethic.

When you watch the video report from Alabama13 from Mike Royer, you will see what I mean. Jason likes working at Metal Supermarkets. But he wanted to better himself even more.

Mike posted that his segment titled ‘Spirit of Alabama’ about Jason. It is about determination and hard work’ and goal setting, family and leadership. Jason embodies all of this.

Jason’s says of his goals

Five years from now I would LOVE to work for Alabama Power, which is the desire of many Alabamians. Jason said it’s been a ‘dream’ to work for that company. He desires a company he could see growth in. He wants to help contribute to the growth of said company.

Who would not want to hire this inspirational young man? Alabama Power, JUMP on it! But don’t be too quick to take him away from his boss and mentor.

But John sure wants to back Jason:

Who knows, when Jason gets out of college, maybe we’ll start an engineering firm.

That is how much he believes in a young man with a dream. A Dream NOT made by the government but Jason Wilder himself!

Mike ends his report with:

I like happy endings. Don’t You? Jason Wilder wanted something and he worked hard and never gave up! He’s a good man and a good example for us all.

THAT is the ‘Spirit of Alabama’!


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  1. I worked for John for 20yrs With Alabama metals in Lakeland FL. One of the Best VPs I ever worked for!

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