Aug 042012

On August 11th, Brian A. Terry – the U.S. Border Patrol Agent who died an American hero as he fought to protect us from a Mexican drug cartel that was heavily armed with assault weapons by the failed U.S. Department of Justice gun-trafficking investigation known as Operation Fast and Furious – would have celebrated his 42nd birthday.

Although the Terry family has grieved since Brian died nearly 20 months ago, August 11th will be a day in which they will celebrate his life – a life he sacrificed defending our country. We hope you’ll join them in this celebration by signing Brian Terry’s digital birthday card.

Brian’s 42nd birthday is a perfect time to thank him and his family for everything he has given.

Brian served our country from the time he graduated high school when he joined the United States Marine Corps before becoming a police officer in his home state of Michigan. Brian had always aspired to become a federal agent; he realized this dream when he became a U.S. Border Patrol Agent. Brian loved his life and spent his last days on earth working in law enforcement, protecting his fellow citizens as a member of the elite Border Patrol Tactical Unit known as BORTAC.

Brian accomplished everything he wanted to in life and that is cause for celebration. Additionally, the Brian Terry Foundation has been created to honor Brian’s memory and create a living legacy dedicated to Brian through numerous initiatives in order that his life will always be celebrated.

But Brian’s memory deserves better treatment than it has received thus far. Although a congressional investigative report recently identified at least three Justice Department officials and five ATF agents as being primarily responsible for the creation and execution of the Fast and Furious scandal, the Terry family has yet to receive an explanation from the Justice Department as to why Brian had to die.

That is our gift to Brian, and by signing his birthday card, that can be your gift too.

Dear Brian,

As we celebrate your life on what would have been your 42nd birthday, I wanted to take a moment and thank you personally for your service to the United States and the ultimate sacrifice you made defending this country.

From the time you joined the United States Marine Corps following your high school graduation, you dedicated yourself to preserving America’s security and the safety of its citizens. It’s because of patriots like you and your fellow U.S. Border Patrol Agents that I and my family are able to live life without fear of violence.

In presenting this birthday card to you, I stand with the Terry family and other so many other Americans as they seek the information your memory deserves regarding the failed gun trafficking investigation known as Operation Fast and Furious that ultimately put the weapons into the hands of the men responsible for your death. It is my sincere hope that the Justice Department will do the right thing and immediately release all the documents the Terry family is seeking.

As an American citizen, I am extremely proud to have been defended by someone so committed to his country’s service. Thank you again for all that you have done. May God bless you and your family.

Happy birthday Brian!

Click image to Sign Brian’s Birthday Card and send to Congress and Mr. Holder, we did…

In the loving and enduring memory of Brian A. Terry, a true American hero!

The Brian Terry Foundation


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