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Representing the First Congressional District of Nevada since 1999, which includes most of the city of Las Vegas, including the Las Vegas Strip. She signed on to releasing convicted spy Pollard, as a co-signatory of a letter initiated by Rep. Barney Frank seeking a presidential pardon for Jonathan Pollard on the grounds that he has served enough time.

According to the Israeli publication Haaretz, in its online edition of 3/5/09; “Berkley, a Jewish politician well-known for her support of Israel, backed the Israeli operation in Gaza during December and January, and even told Haaretz that Israel may have been too tolerant.”

One may deduce that Shelley Berkley adheres to a liberal agenda. Interest groups such as Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America have given her a high grade. In 2008, her grade went from an A- to an A. For eight years Berkley was Sheldon Adelson’s (who, btw the liberals had a witch hunt for) “vice-president of legal and governmental affairs”.

Adelson fired Berkley in 1997, just months before she planned to begin a run for her first term in Congress. In a September, 1998, letter to the Review-Journal, Adelson wrote, “She violated attorney/client privilege and after two warnings, I decided to fire her. . . . Shelley Berkley attacks me in order to draw attention away from her own ethical lapses.”

She is among U.S. congressmen who are seeking to condition $900 million in aid for the Palestinians on ending Gazan rocket fire on Israel and the release of kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

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  1. […] bone when I did this piece on Shelley Berkley sharing the Nevada Senate with Harry. For eight years Berkley was Sheldon Adelson’s No one has yet to make the connection so my peeps here will be able to say they saw it here first. […]

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