Aug 142012

Things are again changing and evolving with

As we speak, is being transformed from a produced-type Internet TV talk show to the new “TMZ of Conservative politics”. Led by your PolitiChicks cast, we will have original articles, shorter videos and up-to-the minute news and information written, researched and produced by women from all over the United States.

GONE will be the pastel colors and yes, we are retiring the lips. PC.TV will still be fun and informative (after all, we ARE the PolitiChicks) but in an edgier, bolder and much more user-friendly way.

From Ann-Marie Murrell named the New National Director of and so proud to say,my friend:

As the elections approach, we realize it’s time to get very serious and become more involved in all of the nationwide elections. We need to reach as many people as humanly possible–and the way we’re doing this is by building an army of Nationwide PolitiChicks.

You will already know many of these women—they are strong forces in the social networking world, writers, bloggers, radio hosts, nationally known singers and more. Others are stay-at-home moms (and yes, that IS a job), teachers, wives of politicians and local activists.

These women are not only motivated to help save our country but they’re also ready to launch a major attack on the Mainstream Media.

We didn’t start the fire

It was always burning

Since the world’s been turning

No we didn’t light it

But we tried to fight it

~ We will do that with our last breath…

We at believe that Conservative women are going to save this country—and the PolitiChicks Movement will give these women a megaphone to let their voices be heard.

So is thrilled to announce that Samantha (JUST Piper) will be one of our Alabama PolitiChicks contributors:

I became a political activist at eight years old when my mother became the first female GOP Ward leader. This in Obama’s Chicago against the Daley Machine. I am a hard core Constitutional Conservative who was part of the Alan Keyes campaign against Obama when he ran for the Illinois Senate.

We knew the threat to our country.

I love my adopted state and it brought me closer to my favorite Senator, Senator Jeff Sessions. I can be true to myself here in Alabama. I can be Patriotic. I can be Christian. And not be vilified for these beliefs.The state motto of Alabama says it best:”We Dare Defend our Rights.”

I have also been heavily involved in the connection of the Middle East and the liberal agenda in America. I envisioned the threat over a decade ago and you will also see this in my ‘PolitChick’

You could say PolitChicks is the epitome of a five decade fight that I am not through fighting.

JUST Piper

So stay tuned for our re-launch and watch for articles, videos and interviews from your new Alabama PolitiChick, Samantha.

We at believe Conservative women are going to save this country—and the PolitiChicks Nation wants to provide these women with megaphones to finally allow their voices to be heard.

Ann-Marie Murrell

PolitiChicks co-host and National Director/Editor-in-Chief of


  6 Responses to “{ Start the Fire } PolitiChicks NATION ~ STATE Press Release: JUST Piper Alabama PoltiChick”

  1. Suggestion PolitiChicks: —– Use the term COLLUSION MEDIA to identify the likes of NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, The NY Tlimes, A.P., Reuters, etc., who run their “news” operations ON BEHALF of the Obama re-election campaign, rather than to inform the American people!

    A key item here is to identify these purveyors of Democratic propaganda BY NAME! (i.e. Brian Ross, David Gregory, etc.)
    It’s time we hold the integrity and conduct of these Collusion Media personalities up to public examination and ridicule!

    “COLLUSION MEDIA” is a curt way of exposing their political agenda, while at the same time, besmirching their presumed credibility.

  2. i read your article and they chose the right politichick from alabama keep up the good work

  3. Very well done! America better watch out, now! :)

  4. Thank you to you both :)

  5. […] Aug 142012   00    FYI, from one of our visitors Norbit : Use the term COLLUSION MEDIA to identify the likes of NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, The NY Tlimes, A.P., […]

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