Aug 202012

Let this be ingrained in your mind…

Back in 2004 Sheik Jamal Said, imam of the Bridgeview mosque, stood before the packed mosque and worked the crowd like an auctioneer. While religious leaders often mine congregations for charity, this scene at the Mosque Foundation in suburban Bridgeview stands out for two reasons.

The recipient of the worshipers’ generosity was Sami Al-Arian, a Palestinian activist accused by the U.S. government of aiding terrorists. And the prayer leader’s passionate appeal is a reflection of the ascendancy of Muslim hard-liners at the mosque, one of the most outspoken and embattled in the U.S.

The mosque did not become this way without a struggle. Relying on hundreds of documents and dozens of interviews, the Tribune has pieced together the details of a bitter fight in Bridgeview that saw religious fundamentalists prevail over moderates.

Gaza rally in downtown Chicago…sheik Jamal Said speaks.

June 1, 2010: American Muslims for Palestine and the Free Gaza Movement organized an emergency demonstration to protest Israel’s attack on a humanitarian aid convoy heading towards the besieged Gaza Strip.

Sheikh Jamal Said is the speaker in this clip:

And THAT is who Quinn knelt down before!

Gov. Pat Quinn celebrated the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan at a ceremony that drew 15,000 people to Toyota Park(7000 S. Harlem) on Sunday morning in the southwest suburb of Bridgeview

Gov. Pat Quinn joins in prayer with Chicago area Muslims during Salaat al-Eid at Toyota Park, which celebrates the end of Ramadan (the holy month of fasting observed by Muslims). Sunday, August 19, 2012 | Brian Jackson~Sun Times

Chicago area Muslims participate in Salaat al-Eid at Toyota Park, which celebrates the end of Ramadan (the holy month of fasting observed by Muslims). Sunday, August 19, 2012 | Brian Jackson~Sun Times

I leave you with this image. This is JUST one representation of Infiltration…

15,000 people to Toyota Park on Sunday morning Chgo. Sun Times 15,000 there. 15,000 in YOUR neighborhood

Gov. Quinn also decried recent attacks against local Muslims, citing a shooting at a Morton Grove mosque, an attack on an Islamic school in Lombard and the desecration of a grave in an Evergreen Park cemetery.

~ But nothing on:

Recent threats (January 23, 2009) made to Chicago-area synagogues have motivated several Evanston and Northwestern Jewish organizations to increase security measures.

The glories of multicultural America: as a result of these attacks, Jewish organizations in the Chicago area are stepping up security.

Incidentally, in the same area not too long ago, a Muslim student faked a hate attack against herself, resulting in an immense outpouring of support and sympathy for her from fellow students and officials at her college.

Also See:FBI Raids Muslim Chicago Home Connected to Synagogue Attacks

I liken being in a Jewish area in the heart of Chicago to be at the Israeli border. On one side you have a Temple. On the other side a mosque.

From Quinn:

“These are un-American acts,” he said. “The people of Illinois, all 13 million, abhor anyone who would commit these serious acts of violence as a violation of our constitution.”

Quinn, kneeling on a rug facing the holy city of Mecca, followed along as thousands bowed in prayer to celebrate Eid, the Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan.

After participating in the ceremony and praying, the governor left without talking to reporters.

I can’t imagine WHY…

Patriots, can you imagine this is JUST one imam but one that works out of Obama’s hometown. Realize that islam has thrived in Chicago.

Records in 1996 indicated the Greater Chicago area has over eighty Islamic organizations and most of them attached to an Islamic center or a mosque. The estimated population of Muslims in Cook and the collar counties is 350,000, almost 5% of the total population of the region. The Muslims have surpassed the population of Jews and many other ethnic groups.

Obviously bowing to islam is not JUST for Obama but for my home state completely…

Read: Sharia 101 from a Muslim American perspective: Silence is not an option!

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