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This bother me:

“Let’s not forget that the real person running [Department of] Homeland Security is not Janet Napolitano, it is Valarie Jarrett, the communist,” Wiles explains. “And her father-in-law was Vernon Jarrett, who was a close confidant of Frank Marshal Davis, Barrack Obama’s communist mentor.

I bring you this because it is posted on a very reputable ‘stock’ site. The girl who wrote it cites reputable links. Take this with a grain of salt, but it IS thought provoking. Considering we do not know many of the goings on in our country, it is plausible. There are different reports on foreign soldiers. I will give you the links and let you decide what you think is going on.

1. April of this year The Blaze wanted answers on Russian Troops to ‘Seize’ CIA Facility in Elaborate War Game… on U.S. Soil.

The Independent Sentinel got more answers on the story, which it notes was both accurately and inaccurately reported:

I spoke with the officer who answers the phones at Fort Carson Public Affairs next. She said that 20 Russian special forces soldiers were coming the end of May to be trained because her understanding was that they were going to take part in operation Enduring Freedom to help the Afghanis and us [that’s a good thing.]

She said that it was the first time Russians were being trained on U.S. soil but it was being done partly to improve diplomatic relations and partly because the terrain outside Fort Carson is similar to the terrain of Afghanistan and she went into some detail explaining how. That is something I have heard before.

Conclusion: There were only ’20’ Russian soldiers, not 20,000.The Lt. Col. said there are 20 soldiers, which is a handful, and did people actually think they would let them run loose?

So this is a matter of what you believe. WHO you believe. I do know RT does embellish many stories as does the EU times. But RT also gets many things right. Personally I am more comfortable with ‘reliable’ sources, not attention whores who choose to sensationalize for ratings. But I also, like you have that very healthy distrust of this administration. But on the other hand there are many irresponsible bloggers who JUST post ‘opinion’ and do not cite any credible sources. This is why we believe in doing that here. Good old school journalism.

2. JUST a month later here at JUST Piper I did a research piece: RED DAWN and the CHICAGO SPRING ( Heed Ron Paul’s Warning ).

I cited ATS because they are like me, anal at their research. They do the job Snopes pretends to. And we know Snopes is a Soros vehicle. Again Colorado is mentioned. Also contained in this post from a man I respected highly while serving Congress and up to this day, Tom Tancredo, posted this in Crookston, MN. ~ U.S. Troops Fully Armed! :

What was actually going on that morning was a “training exercise” involving a quiet neighborhood that probably isn’t that different from your own.

Also contained in this post we see Alex Jones, which I have my own opinions on, as well as Steve Quayle. While AJ is thought provoking and Quayle is dramatic, I would take it with a grain of salt. You need to keep an open mind with them and leave room for doubt something can turn out true. But healthy skepticism works for me personally.

But then we get to the crux of our distrust under Obama and there is where we need to pay attention:

We should not forget that when Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, visited Afghanistan in March, there was an attempt on his life. Following the incident, all American soldiers in Panetta’s presence were unilaterally disarmed, thus providing another example of distrust between the two institutions.

The unmistakable conclusion is that our enemies are being trained to interact with the American public and to participate in policing activities on American soil. Are you baffled? Well, so was I, until I realized that the Russian troops are only the enemy of our military and US citizens, not the enemy of the banksters who run the government!

AJ reported back in April that DHS was then buying up enough ammo to wage seven-year war against the American people. So the ‘story’ has been around awhile. The ‘Hollow Point’ buy up is not a new story, JUST recirculated. Is it real or meant to illicit the emotions of worry and fear in citizens? You have to decide what you are comfortable believing.

In conclusion what we do know is given the fact that the federal government has enacted unconstitutional detention policies through the NDAA, and it lists American veterans, Libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, and Constitutionalists as domestic terrorists in the Homeland Security’s MIAC Report which shows that the bankster run federal government and its Russian mercenaries are declaring war on average Americans as America enters into a very draconian state of martial law which will be enforced by foreign soldiers who will not hesitate to fire on American citizens.

Ron Paul’s warning in April : America to be on the alert for a false flag in the near future. Is America living in a time in which the possibility of a military coup is bubbling up to the surface and we are about to witness the bankster push back to America’s defiance to the New World Order? Will all Americans soon be forced to choose to take sides between supporting our loyal military or the bankster run government and its growing number of mercenary forces on our soil?

“I’m always worried about false flags.” – Ron Paul

And this brings us to the report from Beacon 3 days ago:

Colonel Stanislav Lunev told me, personally, years ago—he said, the Russian military strategy is, that, we [Russians] will strike so hard [at the U.S.], that there will be such shock, that the American people will surrender,” Wiles recalls, during a conversation he had with the spy over a several-day period in 1999.

“He was not talking about a nuclear, chemical [or] biological attack; he was talking about commandos in the country [U.S.]. He said . . . this is what he said, Spetznazs, which are the Russian commandos. . .

“He said, they have the names addresses of every member of Congress, and the Senate, their wives, their children, the school that they go to, all the cabinet members, all of the head officials in Washington, all the officials in state governments. And he said, they will all be assassinated, quickly.”

US Congressman Curt Weldon supported claims by Lunev but noted that Lunev had “exaggerated things”, according to the FBI. [6] Searches of the areas identified by Lunev — who admits he never planted any weapons in the US — have been conducted, “but law-enforcement officials have never found such weapons caches, with or without portable nuclear weapons.”

In the past I have had some personal communications with Mr. Weldon. He was replaced by disgraced Joe Sestak. I was glad until Sestak sold out his principles. But Curt had some issues of his own. As of April 2008, Weldon was still facing a criminal investigation by the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section for suspected unlawful ties to two Russian companies and two Serbian brothers with links to alleged war criminal Slobodan Milosevic.

Also He practiced serious nepotism. The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) released its second annual report on members of Congress with ethics issues, titled “Beyond DeLay: The 20 Most Corrupt Members of Congress (and five to watch)”. Weldon was one of the 20. The organization said “His ethics issues stem from using his position to financially benefit his children and a family friend.”

- source

So who do we believe? Stanislav Lunev or Curt Weldon. One a former KGB spy. One who misused campaign funds and saw a former aide plead guilty for failing to report $19,000 in income that his wife made for doing work for a nonprofit company tied to Weldon. As I said a ‘grain of salt’ and as always I leave you with thought provoking conclusions left up to You. ~ JP

h/t to Char for the Beacon link


  3 Responses to “{ ~ JP Let’s YOU Decide } Mystery Surrounding 1.2 Billion Rounds of Ammo Solved”

  1. As you know, we, in this family think like you and those that support you!

    We do not believe that Obama has any good intentions for our beautiful country and that he would
    love to be President for another 4 years, so that he could destroy what we have in this country.

    As indicated previously, Michele Obama, has been quoted as saying that “She should be treated like a Queen”. We didn’t think so when she made the statement and definately don’t think that now or ever!

    She and he (Obama) are not regal quality! We don’t want our country and its values and freedom to disappear for our future generations, so we will not be voting for OBAMA/BIDEN, but WE WILL VOTE FOR ROMNEY/RYAN IN NOVEMBER 2012. Intelligence is not shown in the Obama/Biden camp in any way, shape or form.

    I dont believe it but, just heard on TV Charlie Christ, former Governor of Florida is endorsing Obama. What an idiot! He shows his colors now. When running for office, he ran as a Republican and is now showing his liberalism quite clearly. Switch-aroo……just like OBama!

  2. Concerns both of us!

    If Obama is re-elected this will be something that should concern all US Citizens because it could
    happen here!

    Troops are in training as we speak to do this!

    He could introduce Martial Law and then take over as our country and give it to the wrong
    people and we all will be doomed.

    Praying that this won’t happen because he is not representing US, THE US CITIZENS! He is out

    Just our opinion, but hopefully others will read and learn and comments will flow in as lots of our CITIZENS ARE CONCERNED AND AWARE OF THE FUTURE LOSS OF FREEDOMS FOR OUR CHILDREN AND THEIR CHILDREN!

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