Aug 032012

I’m going to provide you first with links that esplain Missy Laura…

* First off she made the Judicial Watch 2011 list ~ Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” A freshman to the list she is in hot water for reportedly misusing her congressional staff for personal and political gain. Rep. Richardson is now under investigation by the House Ethics Committee regarding allegations by former staff member Maria Angel Macias. Macias alleges that she was required by Richardson to order other staffers to run personal errands for the Democrat congresswoman – such as picking up her dry cleaning – and to work on her re-election campaign at taxpayer expense.

* In a profile I did on her last November, it gives you all the background you need to know she’s a ravin’ lunatic socialist.

And now she gets a WhoopDeeDoo reprimand. Kinda like the laughable censure of Charlie ‘Tuna’ Rangel who IS the poster child of corruption.

So big deal the House has officially reprimanded California Democrat Laura Richardson for forcing her congressional staff to do campaign work and violating codes of conduct for government service.

The reprimand comes with a $10,000 fine. (Which she will no doubt pilfer from her election donations). It’s another blow to the three-term lawmaker’s uphill re-election race against fellow Democratic Rep. Janice Hahn.

Richardson has admitted to all seven counts levied against her and agreed to accept the reprimand.

The Ethics Committee report said Richardson compelled employees in her Long Beach office to do campaign work after their workday and sought to influence the testimony of staff members by suggesting they tell the committee their campaign work had been voluntary.

Too bad only another democrat is running against her. Too bad a tea party candidate didn’t challenge her for the 37th district. You get a progressive no matter which way you turn. But on the left coast it would be climbing a mountain. WTG Long Beach! ~ JP


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