Aug 172012

Last week I posted this research piece highlighting , a section called “country profiles” that only highlights a select group of six countries. SA is one. We are paying attention…

Iran has warned Saudi Arabia and Qatar that if either country allows Israel to use its airspace, Tehran may retaliate directly against those Gulf nations, according to informed Arab government officials speaking to WND.

One official said that in talks with Gulf nations, Iran “hinted” that a couple of Iranian missiles “may lose their way” and strike Qatar, Saudi Arabia or any other Gulf nation that allows Israel to use its airspace in any attack against Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.

Such threats may help to account for a reported change in Saudi Arabia’s attitude toward an Israeli strike on Iran.

From May of this year: Saudi Arabia and Iran: Is trouble brewing?/

Troops from Saudi Arabia rolled into Bahrain last year purportedly to quell protests but was there another motive, such as a warning to Iran? Iran recently criticised GCC efforts on the Saudi-Bahrain unity proposal. What is the latest escalation in tensions in the Gulf between the two regional heavyweights likely to achieve?

On August 14th…

“Syria the First Line of Resistance”, This is the title of a conference held in Tehran. The aim of the conference is to increase public awareness about what is going on in Syria, the scene of fighting between government forces and the opposition groups supported by the West, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

According to the report, the message was transmitted via the United States during talks with Obama administration officials in Jerusalem.

Saudi Arabia does not maintain an open diplomatic relationship with Israel. But the Sunni Muslim country, together with Qatar, Jordan and other moderates, views itself as threatened by the growing and opposing influence of Iran, dominated by Shiite Islam.

There have been multiple reports of Saudi cooperation with Israel on the Iranian nuclear issue.


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