Aug 062012

ICE union president Chris Crane explains…

DHS has stopped working on appox.20K Deportation cases since 2011. Pending review are 300K! Up to 1 1/4 MILLION could benefit from Obama policy change. Number of illegals here up 33% from 2000. Appox. 27K of inmate population in Fed prison are NON-citizens.

Laws Still stand in books we have a sworn oath as LE to enforce those laws. – Chris Crane I.C.E. Union President

Obama, Big Sis etal in violation of current law, NOT I.C.E.!

“They’re punishing law enforcement officers who are just trying to uphold U.S. law,” said Chris Crane, president of the National ICE Council. Crane is a union representative acting on the unidentified officer’s behalf.

The officer under fire is an 18-year law enforcement and military veteran.

A big, fine kick in the arse from Obama, yet again proving how UN American he is!

ICE Agents: Obama Won’t Let Us Arrest Illegals


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