Aug 302012

~ I tweeted this yesterday from Andrew Marcus but until this video came out from jackohoft I was not going to post it. I am posting this for two reasons:

1. To let you lament the youth OWS who have NO thought process when questioned

and 2. Worry Patriots if THIS is what is our future!

Andrew Marcus, director of Hating Breitbart, caught up with this RNC protester last night wearing a “F*** Rich People” t-shirt.

When asked for examples of where his Marxist ideology had been successful, the protester cited ‘Somalia or Afghanistan, before the Taliban and the Russians’ and the first ‘ten million years of human history.’

h/t FOX Nation

Here is Andrews’s interview:

at appox 1:43 this clueless punk says: “It’s NOT jobs we need, it’s Housing and Food” All the while blaming the ‘rich’ for pilfering the planet. Say WHAT?!

as PF said It’s ALL about ENTITLEMENTS!


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