Aug 122012

Democratic group Agenda Project already dusted off their old Toss Granny from the Cliff ad and is re-releasing the ad next week in swing states.

I have been tweeting the FACTS of Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plan Twitter this morning. Please share, post this out because this ad plays on emotions. This ad is FULL of lies! We expected this but we need to use their playbook Patriots and utilize the ‘Offense’.

They did it a year ago, their doing it again! This is their absurd and asinine statement:

With pretty boy Paul Ryan’s draconian and savage cuts to Medicare in his budget proposal, we have to ask ourselves: Is America still beautiful without Medicare?

The only good thing about this ad? The fact it got but 221,314 since May of 2011. But the problem is it will be airing on TV in crucial states to many who will buy it hook, line and sinker. It is imperative we play offense! ~ JP

The Agenda Project: Granny Off the Cliff


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