Aug 262012

Well this tricks my trigger…

However, rescheduling a national political convention could be difficult heading into Labor Day weekend. Hmmm…

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) – The Republican National Convention scheduled in Tampa for late August would be among the casualties if the area were threatened then by a hurricane, Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll said Wednesday.

From USA Today on 5/23/2012

Convenient hey?! Granted it’s Hurricane season BUT…

According to the Tampa Bay Times on May 20, 2012, they even had a drill for a nightmare scenario in Tampa: a hurricane swirling off Florida as delegates start to arrive here for the Republican National Convention:

How strong would it have to be to change the convention schedule or force a cancellation? What if it’s just a tropical storm? How about a major storm that makes landfall in another part of the state, redirecting personnel and resources? And who makes the final call on what to do?

The odds of a hurricane hitting the Tampa Bay area between Aug. 27-30, when the convention takes place, are mercifully slim — less than 1 percent, according to the National Weather Service. But officials are preparing for the worst, just in case.

So sorry liberals, I know you’ve been praying to the leftist Gods it would hit Tampa. At this point the eye will not. One of them spoke in this article:

Buckhorn, a Democrat, says he’ll be ready to “err on the side of safety.”

And if the storm never hits?

“If I get criticized for evacuating people for a storm that veers off at the last minute, I’m fine with that,” he said.

But ARE you fine with that my Frienemies?

I leave you with this tidbit:

It’s more than a tabletop exercise, Koon said. Once officials learn the details of the storm planners have cooked up, they will stage a nearly full-scale response. Officials everywhere from Tallahassee to Miami will coordinate via phone and Skype and do just about everything short of dispatching rescue trucks.

on Aug 22, 2012 by tatoott1009:a RP fan…He makes excellent points.

Love the southern slang :) and some cussin’ too…

Thanks to The Daily Paul


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