Aug 262012

Being this is one of my favorite english words it does translate vulgar in Polish…but everyone is using the English word with this video, so I thought let’s change it up.

Responding to Obama’s likability being a factor in this race, Allen West says that Obama is basically feeding America a crap sandwich with a smile and that it’s very important for us to win the images war in the presidential race. Because a crap sandwich with a smile is still a crap sandwich!

“The thing that bedevils this [Republican presidential] ticket, for good or ill, is its proverbial likability,” Cavuto noted. “We hear a good deal made of that. I often think too much. But it must explain why the president is even despite all these economic concerns and worries you raise, because on that score, Americans favor him, polls indicate 2-to-1, as the more likable guy. Does Mitt Romney have to make a case on that front next week?”

“Of course he does. I think that it’s very important that he introduces himself to America and he defines himself,” West said. “But let’s be very honest and let’s put this in military vernacular, if you’re feeding a person a cr-p sandwich with a smile, it’s still a cr-p sandwich.

The left is out for blood when it comes to getting Allen:

As conservative patriots, Allen West repeatedly reminds us why he is one of our favorite leaders. On Neil Cavuto’s show yesterday, he made one of the simplest, but most poignant points about the Obama administration.

“If you’re feeding a person a crap sandwich with a smile, it’s still a crap sandwich. That’s what you see coming from President Obama. He’s fed America just a load of you-know-what and it’s not done anything for this country other than increasing our unemployment, increasing Americans in poverty, increasing the food stamp rolls, and we’re heading in the wrong direction.” – Allen West

Let’s show Allen our support!

We have already commissioned a radio ad to combat the commercial liberals produced depicting Allen West beating women, and we just submitted a new script to reflect West’s comments on Cavuto. Click image to help…


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