Aug 152012

The perception that America is turning more socialist is not just a fringe view, according to a Monitor/TIPP poll. Debate over the size of government could influence November elections.

That finding, contained in a new nationwide poll, highlights a central debate in the 2012 election campaign and a major challenge for President Obama.

The “socialist state” survey is just one many indicators that Americans are worried that the federal government is growing too large – a feeling that works against Mr. Obama’s reelection hopes.

In a Christian Science Monitor/Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP poll completed last week, 40 percent of respondents generally agreed with the statement: “The US is evolving into a socialist state.”That outnumbered the 36 percent who disagreed. About one-quarter of respondents expressed a neutral view or said they were unsure.

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  One Response to “40% Say America becoming a ‘Socialist State': Two of Five Americans today say their country is evolving into a Socialist State”

  1. Totally agree and these people are quite upset as to how their Government is running this country. They and I feel that this Administration cares only that they can spend our $$$$ because they are
    entitled! Nada!

    All spending should be curtailed and our dollars will be used wisely. Spending $$$$ of our moneys on conferences, etc. should be stopped, because we don’t have the moneys to spend.

    Stop all Foreign Aide and Take Care of Your Legal Citizens, Mr. President.

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