Aug 282012

The best speech of its genre! Worth 3-4 points in the poll! Fabulous! – Dick Morris

Aug 282012

So, Tampa, my fellow Republicans, thank you for welcoming me where I belong.

So, this time, in the name of 23 million of our children and parents and brothers and sisters who are officially unemployed, underemployed, or who have stopped looking for work, let’s put the poetry aside, let’s suspend the hype, let’s come down to earth and start creating jobs again.

This time, instead of moving oceans and healing planets, let’s get our bills in order and pay down the debt so we control our own future.

MUST read Full Davis’ remarks

Artur Davis references Gotye 308,751,537 views since July 5, 2011:

The Democratic party? “You know, the Democrats used to have a night when they presented a night of their presidential legends. Folks, if they do it in Charlotte, the theme song should be, ‘’Now you’re just somebody that I used to know.’”

Told myself that you were right for me, But I felt so lonely in your company

But you didn’t have to cut me off, make out like it never happened and that we were nothing

But you treat me like a stranger and that feels rough

’Now you’re just somebody that I used to know.’

Now and then I think of all the time you screwed me over

Aug 282012

Featured today here: Mayor Mia Love (Saratoga Springs, UT) for U.S. House – District 4

Aug 282012

Aug 282012

TVN’s Reed Timmer, Dick McGowan, Mike Scantlin and Chad Cowan document Hurricane Isaac’s outer bands coming ashore in coastal Mississippi. The team encountered a large rotating wall cloud on a convective band in Waveland, Mississippi, as well as pre-landfall coastal flooding

Aug 282012

Evan Draim, 17, is the youngest delegate at the Republican National Convention. He was the top vote-getter to be one of three delegates from the 8th Congressional District in northern Virginia.

Since he will turn 18 before Election Day, he is eligible to serve as a delegate at age 17.

Watch as he makes his case for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on America Live, and leaves Megyn Kelly “stunned.”

His is a well-chronicled story in these parts but here’s a look at some of things Draim is experiencing this week related to his Tampa appearance.

Washington Examiner: “Draim has his own assistant to manage his schedule. He has an entourage.

Evan Draim: 17-year-old RNC delegate from Alexandria a hit

Aug 282012

RP and his followers have absolutely no intention of letting this go, despite the fact when MR won the nomination, they said they would not undermine him in November. I fought hard with some of them and asked them JUST this question. They would get riled because I told them they were spoilers. I told them they are voting for Obama. But in their fervor they do not care. They are frenzied in attempting to get RP in the WH. It’s JUST ridiculous because now it borders IMO being traitors and shills for the DNC. You JUST have to wonder, because that is all they will accomplish. That is what their end result will be. And now they will not even respond when I confront them with this very accusation. They know they lied.~ JP

According to the NYT:

TAMPA, Fla. — In a speech that was part motivational, part valedictory and at every opportunity critical of the mainstream Republican Party on the eve of its convention here this week, Representative Ron Paul declared his “liberty movement” alive and well on Sunday before a crowd of nearly 10,000 supporters who were eager to testify to that claim.

Mr. Paul said that he had recently read in newspapers that the so-called Ron Paul Revolution was over, and that whatever enthusiasm voters had shown toward his presidential campaign in the Republican primary season was gone.

“They only wish!” Mr. Paul thundered to an audience that seemed to become more energized with his every word, their roars of approval reaching a deafening level inside the Sun Dome at the University of South Florida.

And he did enter the convention today with yelps:

PF likens it to Mike Tyson when he entered the arena :)

Rep. Ron Paul, with his trademark fervor, used a counter-convention rally in Tampa Sunday to take shots at a Republican establishment he claimed was “failing” the country. As the 77-year-old congressman prepares to retire after three presidential bids and decades in Congress, Paul told a rowdy crowd that the party would eventually drift into his “tent.”

“We’ll get into the tent, believe me, because we’ll become the tent eventually,” Paul said. “Once they know we are the future they will know about us.”

“It made the paper in Washington that the revolution wasn’t happening,” Paul said. “Don’t they only wish.”

Paul stopped competing in primaries in May but managed to amass roughly 160 delegates in hopes of making an impact at the convention.

As of this posting he is at 40 of those votes and we are up to Kentucky. But the worse is yet to come in November when RP spoils the Romney/Ryan ticket.

Ron Paul Supporters Speak Out In Tampa:

I close with this from WP:

Keep in mind MSM loves the division RP has caused. What does that tell you?

Washington Post opines where will Ron Paul’s supporters go for the general election. The quirky and eclectic crowds — bow-tie-wearing libertarians, scruffy anti-establishment types, large religious families and packs of antiwar college students, all drawn with an unusual fervor to the presidential candidate’s unique libertarian message. Making Ron Paul a ‘poser’ as a Republican member of Congress IMO.

I hate to admit this about WP, but they brought up the very same thing all of us who saw through Ron Paul have been preaching:

What if Paul’s followers do not fall in line behind the eventual GOP nominee, who will need every vote possible to defeat President Obama in the fall?

LIED and DENIED Paulites:

A significant share of Paul voters — 35 percent of those in a Michigan exit poll last week — say they would not vote for any other GOP candidate.

Eager Ron Paul supporters flock to N.H. Jan. 10, 2012 Many are democrats. What does THAT tell you?

So what we have is RP supporters being disingenuous at best and liars at the worse case. And now that their agenda is exposed, they do not have one single word to say.

If I have offended any friends who are Ron Paul Supporters, I apologize . I never disliked him, I simply was opposed to his foreign policy. But I didn’t like what Ross Perot did. I certainly do not like RP has done the same. ~ JP

Aug 282012

I am most excited to listen to Mia’s personal story. It read ‘We DID Build That! I know she deserves your vote in Utah. I’m sure she will win. Not only does she fly in the face of the liberals saying we are the party of ‘Zero’ but she too is a Mormon. She was born to Haitian-American parents and would become the first black female Republican in Congress.

Mia was born in Brooklyn, New York and eventually moved to Connecticut. Mia recalls both parents working hard to earn a living, her father at times taking on second jobs cleaning toilets to pay for school for their three children. On the day of Mia’s college orientation, her father said something to her that would become the ethos for her life:

Love, a darling of tea-party and conservative Republicans, is characterized by her groundbreaking role in state politics. Utah’s first black female mayor, she stands to become the first black Republican woman to take office in Congress if she topples Jim Matheson, a Democrat, in the November election.

When she spoke at the Utah GOP convention in April, she captured the attention of the GOP, saying:

“You can work hard. You can save, you can improve your life and the lives of your children. And one day, when you deliver your youngest child to the university, you will look her in the eye and you will say, ‘You will give back,'”

According to The Daily Herald Mia speaking about her appearance at the RNC:

“I think I’ll talk about preserving the American dream,” according to The Daily Herald. “I think that is what we need to get back to.”

Richard Davis, a political science professor at Brigham Young University, said, “It helps the party by giving the perception that this is an open, diverse party that will be appealing to racial ethnic minorities,” according to The Daily Herald. “Republicans believe that by putting Mia Love on stage in a prominent role, it is saying in the future they hope they will be able to reach out more to African-American voters.”

Help Mia Win

Listen to her speak after 7pm tonight, I know I will! ~ JP

Aug 282012

Speaking as the ‘closer’ at appox. 10pm EST…

The GOP governor reportedly has been crafting and rehearsing a “very direct” speech for Tuesday night in Tampa that will relate “hard truths” about the state of the country. The governor has been making the rounds in Tampa already, with casual talks to various delegations in advance of his keynote address.

“He’s got two speeds — turbo and super turbo,” Brabender told on Monday night. “He doesn’t have a modulated speed.”

Brabender also said Christie, Romney and the rest of the Republican Party know it’s the governor’s job to “get people fired up.”

“He’s our cheerleader,” Brabender continued. “And he won’t be shy about making the case that Barack Obama didn’t make the decisions he needed to. This will be a pay-per-view event.”

And in Obama’s Chicago Lynn Sweet posted today she revealed Christie’s will say:

‘Boss’ Tweed back in 1869

Christie warmed up on Monday by bashing President Barack Obama during an appearance at a meeting of the California delegation. “The president is nothing more than a Chicago ward politician,” he said.

“We’ve had enough of Chicago ward politics in the Oval Office. We need a real leader back in the Oval Office and we all got to work to get Mitt Romney there.”

~ For Gov. Bentley!

With her liberal agenda writing for the top librag in Chicago she posted:

The bombastic, insulting and popular New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie keynotes the Republican Convention Tuesday night, following Ann Romney — good cop/bad cop programming to showcase Mitt Romney’s presidential candidacy.

According to Lynn, Republicans and right wing radio talk show hosts love hurling the ward heeler thing at Obama. I wondered what people make of it. I asked Wendell Walker, an alternate delegate from Lynchburg, Va., a landscape contractor, for his take:

I guess ol’ Lynn was stunned and didn’t expect the ‘honesty so she pressed on: “Is that really your impression?” and Walker retorted: “Yes ma’am.”

Why on earth did she continue to push?! :)

asking if that argument will resonate with an undecided voter in Virginia:

People have had three years with Obama, Walker said, “and they are ready for a real change in leadership. So regardless of where you come from, or what agenda you bring, the American people are hurting. No jobs and there is no vision of hope.”

~ For Gov. Bentley!

She then goes on to explain to us ignorant conservatives a rundown on what some speakers bring to the table. Having been shutdown on her interview that is where she ended her column today.

What I find ironic in an image search on both yahoo and google.On Chicago Ward Boss Google shows you Blago, Rahm and Obama. On Yahoo you see other notable ‘Chicago Bosses’ like Alderman Edward Burke and John Stroger.

* Alderman Edward Burke: Top Machine Boss of Obama’s Chicago-Part 1

* Part II

* Alderman Edward Burke, Part III: Top Machine Boss of Obama’s Chicago

On a yahoo search for Chicago ward boss you get one of the most notorious, Dan Rostenkowski, Mayor Daley and Al Capone.

I personally having experienced Chicago Ward Bosses for over a half of century, in my hometown Chicago, cannot wait to hear Christie speak. The highlight for me being calling Obama what he is:

A community organizing Chicago Ward Boss! ~ JP

Resources for the ‘Chicago Boss’ education:

* Now We Will See The Real Obama & it WILL Get Ugly

* Click image for The Chicago Code…

* Chicago’s Endless Negative “Machine” Contributions…

* JP walks you through these people

Aug 282012