Aug 222012

UPDATE: If Black Bloc is in control it IS going to get ugly…

Federal authorities are urging law enforcement agencies across the country to watch out for signs that extremists might be planning to wreak havoc at the upcoming political conventions — by blocking roads, shutting down transit systems and even employing what were described as acid-filled eggs.

The warning came in a joint FBI-Department of Homeland Security bulletin issued Wednesday.

The bulletin specifically warned about a group of anarchists from New York City who could be planning to travel to the convention sites to disrupt the events by blockading bridges.

The joint bulletin, titled “Potential For Violent or Criminal Action By Anarchist Extremists During The 2012 National Political Conventions,” says anarchist extremists likely don’t have the capability to overcome heightened security measures set up by the conventions themselves. In addition, Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor said Tuesday that fences have been established around “some of the more attractive government targets.”

Instead, extremists could target nearby infrastructure, including businesses and transit systems, according to Wednesday’s bulletin.

The bulletin mentions possible violent tactics anarchist extremists could employ, including the use of molotov cocktails or acid-filled eggs.

Anarchists “see both parties as the problem,” so both conventions are prime targets for them, a federal law enforcement official told Fox News.

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Graffiti was found on a downtown rooftop at Florida Avnue and Tyler Street, along with bricks and pipes.

As security officials prepare for next week’s Republican National Convention, Tampa police are investigating whether there are links between the Aug. 15 posting of a YouTube video purporting to be from the hacker collective known as Anonymous and the discovery of pipes and bricks on a downtown rooftop two days later.

The eight-minute video, titled “ANONYMOUS: Message 2 RNC Activists F.B.I TPD & PI Bill Warner,” features a figure in a blue outfit wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, speaking in a computer-altered voice.

The video shows images of a car burning and police in riot gear marching through an unidentified city. The figure says, “You have an opportunity to fight back at the Republican National Convention. How you fight back is up to you … but it is a fact that flowers and holding up signs stopped working long ago.”

The time is coming, RNC is near. So we lay a final message to the Activists that will be at RNC. As well as a message to people of America. And a special message for the ones who have been feeding misinformation to the public the F.B.I, T.P.D and PI Bill Warner. The public needs to know that they should not fear us, we are on the side of the American people. We are not terrorists but we are not pacifists. We are Anonymous, we fight for every American who is sick of politicians and corporations running our lives, making our decisions and causing the suffering of our people. No matter how many of us fall in battle we can not be stopped. Anonymous is indeed very real and alive. We are collectives of normal everyday Americans all around you, we are not a few but many. We all share one ideology, what we stand for is true freedom. Freedom from the oppressive regime that our government has become. Let us band together and knock down the walls of the clean zone for it violates our constitution. The city of Tampa is our city, the peoples city. Together united by one divided zero we will fight for what belongs to the people. May freedom be with you all.

The pipes and bricks were found Friday on the roof of a building at 1004 N. Florida Ave., on the northwest corner of Florida Avenue and Tyler Street. Graffiti, including the numeral “99” and an image of a person wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, similar to those worn by members of the Anonymous collective, as well as Occupy movement protestors, was found on the building.

Bennett called the video “disappointing” because police are trying to ensure everyone who wants to protest is able to exercise their constitutional rights.

“I think when they said ‘flowers don’t work’ and try to mention certain things we would call peaceful demonstrating don’t work, I think that sets a tone,” he said.

The video, posted by someone called “Holly Hopper,” complains that Tampa police have monitored their activities. It also takes aim at the media and a Sarasota-based private investigator named Bill Warner who has run an online campaign against Anonymous and the anarchist group Black Bloc.

Warner, whose website features numerous mentions of both groups, said he was named in the video “because I have been the most vocal person about the Black Bloc and the domestic terrorist links to the people in the Occupy protest movements.”

Black Bloc and Anon Bloc are loosely organized anarchist groups that have shown up at past conventions and other major public events and typically are known for violence and vandalism. Black Bloc members wear all black and spark confrontations with police.

The symbol for Anonymous and the Occupy movement is Fawkes, an Englishman who tried to bomb Parliament in the early 1600s. The masks became symbols for the Occupy protesters after the film “V for Vendetta,” in which an anarchist models himself as a modern Fawkes and rebels against a fascist government.

~ I wonder if they will also do this to the DNC Convention?!

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Aug 222012

The Congressional Budget Office, one of Washington’s most influential number crunchers, has issued a warning that a second recession could be right around the corner. Director of the CBO, Douglas Elmendorf, said today that we are flirting with a new recession. It could hit in just a few months if a deadlocked Congress does not reach a deal. The worry is a combination of billions of dollars in tax hikes and spending cuts scheduled to take place on January 1st.

Ed Henry reported from North Las Vegas where President Obama just wrapped up a campaign event. The White House noted in a statement today that they believe House Republicans should pass an extension of the middle class Bush-era tax rates. Republicans do not agree and are pushing for an extension of all the Bush tax rates.

The CBO also projected that for the fourth year in a row, the federal budget deficit will top one trillion dollars. The “fiscal cliff” that could lead to a recession is referring to fact that members of both parties in Congress have failed to strike a deficit deal months ago, therefore automatic cuts, known as sequestration, will take effect at the end of 2012.

Elmendorf forewarned that the unemployment rate would rise to about nine percent in the second half of next year and remain above eight percent throughout 2014, according to the CBO’s forecast under current law.

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Aug 222012

The parody was commissioned in connection with two VA conferences held last year in Orlando. Those conferences — which according to Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., ran taxpayers a total of $5 million and were held for HR workers — are now under investigation by the department’s inspector general. The price tag on those conferences far exceeds the roughly $830,000 spent by the General Services Administration at a 2010 Las Vegas conference, a lavish affair that drew outrage on Capitol Hill.

In the 15-minute spoof, the fake general goes on about “mission imperatives” in the HR world. He discusses such vague terms as “purpose, innovation and impact,” while pep-talking the audience of HR professionals.

“Today you are embarking on a major campaign,” the actor says, standing in front of a giant American flag image as in the original. “I want you to remember that no unit ever accomplished its mission without a strong sense of purpose, a keen eye for innovation and a constant focus on the impact of their action. Those of you here today — HR professionals at VA — require those same qualities to accomplish your objectives.”

The scene is interspersed with brief interviews with VA employees.

Chairman Darrell Issa’s letter to the Department of Veterans Affairs

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Aug 222012

As I told you on August 14th, Lyon was the ‘Dem. Donkey Bad Seed’…

It’s official: Jefferson County Circuit Judge Robert Vance, Jr. will be on the ballot as the Democratic candidate in the Alabama Chief Justice race.

Vance is the only Democratic candidate to qualify for the position, Alabama Democratic Party executive director Bradley Davidson confirmed. The qualifying period ended Wednesday at noon.

Vance will face former Chief Justice Roy Moore, the Republican candidate, in the race for chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

Last Friday, a party subcommittee voted to oust Pelham lawyer Harry Lyon as their candidate. The committee ruled Lyon had made comments in violation of the party’s ethical code for judicial candidates.

Vance is son of former federal judge Robert Vance, who was killed when Walter Leroy Moody, Jr. mailed a bomb to his Mountain Brook home.

My FOX Alabama

I have supported Roy Moore since my kids were little & I lived in Illinois. I was ‘proud’ to be able to vote for him in our primary and will, with joy, vote for him in November! ~ JP

On November 12, 2003, Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore was put on trial by a state ethics panel for not removing a Ten Commandments monument from the Alabama Judicial Building when a federal court ordered him to. This video clip shows (1) part of his cross-examination by then-Attorney General Bill Pryor and (2) the verdict read November 13, 2003.

In March of this year, the people of Alabama sent a loud and clear message to the state and nation.

Judge Moore won the Republican Primary for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama!

If Judge Moore wins in November, he will be the highest elected Judge in the United States of America.

Aug 222012

I have not laughed this hard on a comedy show since I don’t know how long. If you missed it here tis. I Give it a !!!! Look forward to it starting September 26th 7pm cst. Matter of fact NBC has some great comedies with potential I look forward to:

* Guys with Kids

* Go On See Pilot I give it a !!!

~ JP

Aug 222012

Only Four can go through. Here’s my Top choices:

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Cool kid ala Houdini/Hoffa style…audience and judges sured loved it…

One of my favorites this season, was sad to see them go. Thanks Sharon!

All-male clogging team All That…

Tune in for the wild card results show Tonight 8pmcst…

Aug 222012

In an interview on Tuesday with conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, ABC News’ White House correspondent Jake Tapper addressed many of the concerns that Republicans have with the media. Tapper said that he was concerned that key issues, like the economy, were being ignored in favor of political issues like Mitt Romney’s tax returns. Tapper said that he hopes the media does not unfairly cover this election and favor one candidate over another, as he says the institution did in 2008.

Ingraham asked Tapper if he was happy with the substance of political media coverage thus far. Tapper replied that he was not, saying that the state of the nation’s economy and the high unemployment rate are voters’ paramount concerns and that he would like to see “more action taken and more emphasis given to this issue.”

Ingraham also asked Tapper to elaborate on a question he asked President Barack Obama on Monday in about the security satiation in Afghanistan. Tapper said that he was concerned by the rise of attacks on U.S. troops by Afghan security forces and said, given hat he is currently writing a book on the Afghan conflict, that he found the standards lower for incoming Afghan troops.

Tapper told Ingraham that he wondered if the U.S., “in an effort to beef up the troop levels and hasten the exit of the United States has lowered the standard for these Afghan troops,” and is now accepting and funding soldiers who are openly hostile to the U.S.

Ingraham then played a clip of reporter and author Mark Halperin saying that he believes the political press is often guilty of talking about what the Obama campaign wants them to talk about, specifically in regard to Mitt Romney’s tax returns, as opposed to other, more pressing issues. Tapper said that he could “understand where he is coming from,” though he said that the Romney/Ryan camp was guilty of spinning reporters as well and he thinks Romney’s tax returns are not entirely irrelevant.

“I have said before… [that I] thought the media helped tip the scales. I didn’t think the coverage in 2008 was especially fair to either Hilary Clinton or John McCain,” said Tapper. “Sometimes I saw with story selection, magazine covers, photos picked, [the] campaign narrative, that it wasn’t always the fairest coverage.”


Aug 222012

Now THIS is a perfect example of what Anon should protest!

It is troubling that the Democratic National Convention has decided to promote and lend its name and national political platform to the organizers of the “Jummah at the DNC”. The leaders of this event – Jibril Hough and Imam Siraj Wahhaj as advertised are no moderates. They are radicals. These individuals embrace Islamist supremacy and have demonstrated support for radical ideologies.

A quick Google search by the DNC would have shown them that Hough and Wahhaj are leaders in the separatist American Islamist movement. While they may be able to get a few thousand Muslims to attend the event, they are NOT going to be mainstream Muslims. Most will likely come from Hough and Wahhaj’s radical networks that have long been entrenched in the Charlotte area. Make no mistake they are part of the Islamist movement.

This is not about their right of assembly; this group under a different name pulled the same stunt at the US capitol in 2009 claiming 20k and getting 2-3k. THIS IS ABOUT the DNC calling this an “official function” listing these radicals as typical of the DNC community and more importantly about this organization speaking out AS representing supposedly typical American Muslims (or “Mainstream”).

Foot to foot, Shoulder to shoulder, JUST don’t Step on Me

JUST doing what the ‘prophet’ did…Making it sound all purty and innocent like:

Dhikr Allah

Miswaking! a person brushes his teeth without the presence of water

Surat Al-Kahf Signs Of The End Times

inshallah if Allah wills it. Which often comes before Allahu Akbar God is greater ! Allah is the Greatest ! The national anthem of Libya:

The enemy came coveting my position,
I shall fight with weapons and defenses
And if I die, I’ll take him with me!

If that is who the DNC is consorting with then all Americans, Democrats should be concerned. There are many patriotic Muslims who are part of both parties, and when radical ideologues like this do a demonstration of “solidarity” in the name of our faith and choose an imam like Siraj Wahhaj (VP of ISNA) who I saw with my own eyes in 1995 seditiously say it his duty and our duty as Muslims to replace the US Constitution with the Quran- then we need to speak up!

MUST SEE Eye Opening: Islamist Hypocrisy Comes to Orange County What a perspective.

Their jummah (group) prayer is supposedly against the Patriot Act, the NYPD, and Islamophobia and is actually NOT about our democracy but about empowering their Islamist and MB (Muslim Brotherhood) sympathetic groups into the very fabric of the political system so that Americans become anesthetized. We need American Muslims to speak up and marginalize these radicals. The DNC needs to understand and reject them because of their radical history and ideas.

They use our American Muslim identity to speak as “one community” as a political unit or as a “bloc vote” – a political Islamist party when in fact most us Muslims don’t want that political unity and seek reform against their ideology that seeks to hijack our community. They do not represent us. (emphasis mine)

In fact, Zuhdi Jasser is correct, Jibril Hough and Imam Siraj Wahhaj have said and done radical things in their past. Which means either the Democrats failed to utilize due diligence or they simply didn’t care. In addition to the Muslims being misrepresented, Democrats and Charlotteans also have a right to know how the DNC has failed them before they even arrive in Charlotte.

~ Snippet…

Representative for the DNC are the only publicly identified members and each one appears to be connected to U.S. Representative Keith Ellison; the first Muslim ever to be elected to Congress and a former supporter of Louis Farrakhan.

FULL article…This article Posted by Breeanne Howe is a very worthy & necessary read!

Aug 222012

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency has allowed state power generators to increase the temperature of cooling water that can be discharged into lakes and rivers, because of this summer’s heat and drought, but an environmental group says that might not be a good idea.

Josh Mogerman, with the National Resources Defense Council, said the heat wave warmed up intake water for power plants, and reduced the amount of water available to cool their equipment.

“They’re running at higher temperatures because the water that is being brought in to cool the facilities has been heated by our hot weather. It’s also an issue of – in some cases – not being able to get nearly as much water, because of the drought,” Mogerman said.

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory says the warmer water being dumped by power plants – at temperatures approaching 100 degrees – can kill fish in the state’s lakes and rivers, or drive them deeper into the water and out of their natural habitats to cool off. “That impacts fish that are evolved to live in a specific sort of a temperature. You’re basically scalding the fish; forcing them either to dive deeper for cold water, or in the case of our rivers, we’re boiling them,” Mogerman said.

Mogerman suggested another solution to the problem of power plants having to use warmer water to cool their equipment.

“In the state of Illinois, we have an excess of electricity generated, so we do need to be looking at whether these facilities need to be operating at peak level, or whether we can deal with some of these other threats by throttling back,” Mogerman said.

Utilities said the power was needed for air conditioning during the summer’s heat wave.

Mogerman said the issue is larger than one hot summer.

“We shouldn’t be thinking about our power plants in the context of just one year’s drought, or one year’s heat wave. It’s very likely that the condition’s we’re seeing are going to become more normal,” Mogerman said.

LISTEN to WBBM Newsradio’s John Cody report

Aug 222012

Crime analyst admits that crime stats in the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office are manipulated:

How accurate are the statistics that the local law enforcement agencies send their states and ultimately to the federal government? PJM/PJTV has obtained exclusive hidden camera video from inside the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office. In this video, a crime analyst – the person responsible for entering official data into the Uniform Crime Reporting system from the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office – admits that the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office manipulates its crime statistics systematically.


Pt. 2: Confessions of a Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Deputy

A brave whistle-blowing deputy says the effort to manipulate the county’s crime statistics starts at the top, with Sheriff Lupe Treviño

Part Three: The Downgrading of a Cross-Border Kidnapping and Murder

PJ Media’s Bryan Preston tells us the story of a cross-border murder that was downgraded to a welfare concern. Why are Hidalgo County sheriffs changing stats on brutal crime? How are taxpayers getting cheated with this unethical behavior?

Deputy: Hey what’s up? (unintelligible question)

Analyst: No, I can do it for you.

Deputy: Cool. (unintelligible, but he asks about changing a code)

Analyst: Huh?

Deputy: (unintelligible)

Analyst: I guess. Cause he’s the one changing everything.

Deputy: Changing the stats?

Analyst: (nods) He’s the one…

Deputy: Well how is he changing them?

Analyst: He reads the reports and fiddles with you if it’s not linking. Like, with a robbery, he redrizzles it down to a simple, like an, if it’s like uh, aggravated assault (looks away to see if anyone can hear), he orders a downgrade to assault. Or if…

Deputy: It’s real simple to do because most people are gonna, think you’re gonna have more.

(Analyst tilts head skeptically)

Deputy: You can justify it both ways.

Analyst: Yeah, but some of them, no. (crosstalk) Like, as far as the standards go, from the UCR, yeah.

Deputy: So. You can get in trouble.

Analyst: Hm?

Deputy: You can get in trouble?

Analyst: Not us, but…yeah the sheriff.

Deputy: Him (points in the direction of the sheriff’s office).

Analyst: Yeah. Not me.

Hidalgo County elected Democrat Guadalupe “Lupe” Treviño sheriff in 2004 and then re-elected him in 2008, and this spring he reportedly spent more than a half a million dollars to clinch the Democratic nomination for a third term as the county’s sheriff. In this heavily Democratic county, Treviño is a cinch to win that third term. The former Austin police officer claims that Hidalgo County has seen a dramatic reduction of violent crime during his tenure. Sheriff Treviño dismisses the presence and influence of drug cartels in his border county. To hear Sheriff Treviño talk, domestic violence may be a bigger issue in Hidalgo County. But as a local news story that was published August 10, 2012, shows, many residents of Hidalgo County do not feel safe and do not believe that crime is down at all. They also do not believe that Sheriff Treviño’s office is concerned about them.

The federal government has granted Hidalgo County about $6 million to fight crime since 2004. That money has gone to the county’s anti-narcotics efforts and has funded the purchase of sophisticated video surveillance towers that are supposed to be used to monitor the border and watch over troubled neighborhoods. One grant operation, called Stonegarden, has enabled the county to purchase several vehicles and video sky towers, which some residents allege have been used for non-police and even political purposes when they’re not being used to prevent crimes.

In May of 2011, President Obama went to the border at El Paso, Texas, and in his “alligators and moats” speech claimed the border is safe and mocked calls for more border security.

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Maybe they’ll say we need a moat. Or alligators in the moat.

They’ll never be satisfied. And I understand that. That’s politics.

But the truth is, the measures we’ve put in place are getting results. Over the past two and a half years, we’ve seized 31 percent more drugs, 75 percent more currency, and 64 percent more weapons than before. Even as we’ve stepped up patrols, apprehensions along the border have been cut by nearly 40 percent from two years ago – that means far fewer people are attempting to cross the border illegally

Also, despite a lot of breathless reports that have tagged places like El Paso as dangerous, violent crime in southwest border counties has dropped by a third. El Paso and other cities and towns along the border are consistently rated among the safest in the nation.

Full PJ investigation