Aug 142012

November 9th, 2009. This is Obama’s first year. And he’s being interviewed by our old buddy Jacob Tapper at ABC News. And they’re talking about Medicare cuts in Obamacare. Listen to this…

TAPPER: One of the concerns about health care and how you pay for it: One third of the funding comes from cuts to Medicare.

OBAMA: Right.

TAPPER: A lot of times, as you know, what happens in Congress is somebody will do something bold; and then Congress, close to election season, will undo it.

OBAMA: Right.

RUSH: Here is Obama admitting the $700 billion in Medicare cuts. Our old buddy Jacob Tapper asks him head on: “One of the concerns about health care and how you pay for it: one third of the funding comes from cuts to Medicare.” Obama: “Right.” Tapper: “Are you willing to pledge that whatever cuts in Medicare are being made to fund health insurance, one third of it, that you will veto anything that tries to undo” those cuts? Obama: “Yes!”

Here it is :

Obama admitted to our old buddy Jacob Tapper at ABC News that he was cutting $700 billion out of Medicare, and he swore to keep it in there.
By the way, do you notice that Obamacare is no longer “deficit neutral”? It’s going to blow a trillion dollar hole in the budget next year. (long sigh) I wonder if Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz likes her health care plan, because it’s Paul Ryan’s plan. We have since learned that the option you get if you opt out of Medicare under Ryan’s plan is the same plan that Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz has.

So here’s Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz out there calling it a voucher program, this and that. Nothing she said about it is accurate.

See Full transcript on RUSH

So Patriots enlighten those that do not seem to know this…Well, some liberals obviously knew back in JULY last year to prove the media is now pushing Lies, oops, forgot common practice.

A progressive activist group is preparing to protest at President Obama’s Chicago campaign headquarters, demanding that he refuse to cut what they view as staples of the social safety net.

The protest comes as a response to news that Obama is offering spending cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in an effort to resolve the debt-ceiling crisis that is currently gripping Congress.

Organizing the demonstration is the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which is hoping to send a clear message to the President: his base won’t support him if he cuts the entitlements.

In the HuffPo piece the group said his base won’t support him if he cuts the entitlements. Hmm, then WHY are they?!

Aug 142012

FYI, from one of our visitors Norbit : Use the term COLLUSION MEDIA to identify the likes of NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, The NY Tlimes, A.P., Reuters, etc., who run their “news” operations ON BEHALF of the Obama re-election campaign, rather than to inform the American people!

This Alabama PolitiChick likes the replacement of MSM or LSM and other taglines, it will be heard TY! I LOVE it :) ~ JP

Aug 142012

h/t PF

It was JUST last week The Alabama AFL-CIO endorsed Judge Moore but in light of this news they have rescinded their endorsement of Republican Roy Moore for chief justice. The union’s president, Al Henley, said Friday the union’s only endorsement of a Republican candidate in this election was based on Moore running against Democrat Harry Lyon. How bad does this cat have to be to:

1. Lose the endorsement of liberal AFL-CIO and…

2. For them to endorse a Consitutional Judge in the first place?

Now according to all our local afternoon reports, the Alabama Democratic Party will hold a hearing Friday on disqualifying Harry Lyon as the party’s nominee for chief justice, which could lead to a new opponent for Republican nominee Roy Moore.

On Monday, state Democratic Party Chairman Mark Kennedy issued an order for Lyon to appear before the party’s executive board in Birmingham to show why he should not be disqualified for violating party bylaws. Kennedy said the perennial candidate has violated four of the party’s bylaws, including one saying people are entitled to honest and ethical government and another saying the Democratic Party stands for justice under the law.

Lyon, a Pelham attorney who has run several times for state office without success, said he expects to be kicked off the ballot Friday and for the party to name a new nominee.

Lyon was the only Democrat to sign up for the race and won the nomination in March without opposition. He said some top Democrats never expected Moore to win the Republican nomination over incumbent Chuck Malone and former Attorney General Charlie Graddick, but once the former chief justice won, Democratic officials wanted a different candidate on the ticket who might have a better chance of winning the general election Nov. 6.

Lyon went onto make this ridiculous statement:

“They are looking for anything they can to get rid of me now that Moore has won the primary,” he said.

- source

What did Harry Do you ask?

The investigation began back in August for not filing required monthly campaign finance reports.

“There is a process that we go through that’s governed by statue, as well as party rules. This is a party matter,” Democratic Party Chairman Kennedy said.

Note that Complaints were also filed against Republican Supreme Court Justices Lyn Stuart, Glenn Murdock and Jim Main for not filing reports.

Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead says the claim isn’t true, and they aren’t going to investigate the accusation.

According to ABC 33/40:

Kennedy contends Lyon has violated party bylaws. He says that includes a bylaw saying people are entitled to honest and ethical government.The hearing is not related to a petition saying Lyon should be disqualified for not filing campaign finance reports.

Aug 142012

Up front I must say you ARE beholding to Cook County and the State of Illinois when you work for either. My mother was an employee of both. As a Cook County employee run under democrats, this was JUST the way the machine worked in Chicago. You were ‘told’ when and how much to contribute to the party. As a State employee she didn’t mind the ‘donations’ for until she retired it was mostly Republican ruled. But the same premise applied. She was told how often and how much she ‘had’ to donate. She was obligated to attend functions for both jobs. Can you imagine how hard it was for the Daley Machine functions for her?! A woman who was a pioneer, right along with Phyllis Schlafly, being a GOP leader in the city of Chicago?! Not only was she told she had to donate and attend, it came out of her own pocket if the event for the State had to be out of town. We kinda knew then that we were losing our state.

The other thing I would like to bring up is the fact many of us had a hard time buying into Jessie’ Jr’s ‘breakdown’. We felt it was what liberals do best, avoidance. We thought that way back when named as trying to buy Obama’s Senate seat. So as soon as he ‘disappeared’ into (treatment) we questioned what was he trying to flee from. He has been full of scandals.

And now comes this news today from The Daily Caller By Matthew Boyle:

Documents and a whistle-blower affidavit obtained by The Daily Caller charge that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Illinois Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., and Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., participated in an unethical — and possibly illegal — effort to force 76 employees of an Illinois state agency to engage in political activity on the taxpayers’ dime.

Affidavit of Marcy Bailey

According to the whistle-blower, Rev. Jackson also encouraged the government employees to load first-generation and low-income college students up with student loan debt — because Democrats in Congress, he allegedly promised, would eventually pass laws to forgive that debt later. “[T]hose people will continue to vote Democratic,” Jackson Sr. said, according to the whistle-blower.

On March 3, Pelosi flew to Chicago to endorse Rep. Jackson Jr., 17 days ahead of a heated March 20 Democratic primary he later won. Pelosi was scheduled to make the endorsement at a press conference later in the day, after she participated in an hour-long “forum” hosted by the elder Jackson at the headquarters of his progressive Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

Pelosi politicized that forum, jumping the gun and endorsing Jackson Jr. earlier than planned:

“One of the reasons I am here, and I will do this following this wonderful meeting, is to publicly state my endorsement of Jesse Jackson Jr. for re-election,” Pelosi said at the Rainbow PUSH forum. “I do so with great pride. I remember when he came to the Congress with a great name and a great tradition of his parents. But he came and he made his own mark in the Congress from his own generation.”

Pelosi Endorses Jesse Jackson Jr at Rainbow Push Event in Chicago. March 3, 2012.

~ Snippets:

* In the signed and notarized affidavit obtained by TheDC, Bailey said she “did not want to attend this event,” and charged that the Rainbow PUSH forum “was soon overflowing with negative political energy directed towards the Republican Party. The two [Pelosi and Jackson Sr.] discussed many adverse things about the Republican Party, using harsh, derogatory remarks, while they reminded their audience about what they called the wonderful things that the Democratic Party was doing for the people.”

* “Jesse Jackson Sr. also told us not to worry about loading students up with too much college debt, because Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats will eventually forgive all student loan debt. On the promise of debt forgiveness, ‘those people will continue to vote Democratic.’”

Of course Representatives for Jackson Jr., Jackson Sr. and Pelosi have not responded to TheDC’s requests for comment.

JUST MUST finish this detailed investigation: this read

So it’s pretty obvious friends, that Jessie IS in fact in hiding under the ruse of the ‘pick a disorder’ to get out of whatever…~ JP

Aug 142012

Naser Jason Abdo, age 22, will spend the rest of his life in federal prison for plotting to kill American soldiers and others near Fort Hood, Texas, announced Assistant Attorney General for National Security Lisa Monaco, United States Attorney Robert Pitman, Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent in Charge Armando Fernandez, and Killeen Police Chief Dennis M. Baldwin.

On the 10th, United States District Judge Walter S. Smith imposed two consecutive life prison sentences for attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and for possession of a weapon in furtherance of a federal crime of violence. In addition, Judge Smith also sentenced Abdo to a total mandatory consecutive 60 years’ imprisonment for one count of attempted murder of officers or employees of the United States, two counts of possession of a firearm in furtherance of a federal crime of violence, and one count of possession of a weapon in furtherance of a federal crime of violence.

In May, a federal jury convicted Abdo of the above mentioned charges. Testimony presented at trial revealed that on July 27, 2011, Abdo unlawfully attempted to create and detonate a bomb in an attempt to kill, with pre-meditation and malice aforethought, members of the uniformed services of the United States and to shoot survivors of said detonation with a firearm. Evidence further revealed that Abdo did knowingly possess a .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol while carrying out his plot.



Read Texas FBI Press Release

A U.S. serviceman is in custody after he allegedly admitted he was planning an attack on the U.S. Army base at Fort Hood, Texas, the same base where 13 people were killed in a 2009 terror attack.

My friend remembered: R.I.P Francheska Velez

Aug 142012

Host Gen. Wesley Clark in charge. Interesting cast all playing for military charities :

First Meet the Operatives

* Andrew McLaren: whose father was also a Marine and Vietnam veteran, is a former U.S. Marine Sergeant. During his time in the Marines, he was with the Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team and served in Iraq and Liberia. He is currently a contractor for various governmental and security agencies.

* Brent Gleeson: A former U.S. Navy SEAL stationed at SEAL Team Five, Gleeson currently lives in San Diego, California, with his six-year-old son. He has completed his enlistment in the service .

* Chris Kyle: The Most Known Operative, Kyle is a decorated former U.S. Navy SEAL and author of The New York Times best-selling book “American Sniper,” which details his experiences in Iraq. Kyle’s expert marksmanship during his four tours of duty earned him the nickname “The Devil of Ramadi” from the Iraqi insurgent forces. Kyle currently lives in Texas and runs a military training company, Craft International.

* Dale Comstock:A retired Master Sergeant who spent 20 years in the U.S. Army, Comstock was twice decorated for valor and spent half his tenure as a Delta Force Operator and five years as a Green Beret. After his retirement, he spent nine years as a freelance soldier in support of the global war on terror.

* Grady Powell: During his time as a Green Beret, Powell served as a Senior Detachment Weapons Sergeant in the U.S. Army Special Forces. Powell followed in the footsteps of both his father, a Vietnam-era Green Beret, and his grandfather, a decorated World War II combat veteran. Powell recently completed his five-year enlistment in the Army

* J.W. Cortes: Cortes served in the U.S. Marines Corps for 13 years, rising to the level of Gunnery Sergeant. He is an Iraq war veteran, having served in the beginning phases of the war in 2003. Also during his time in the Marines Corps, he served at U.S. Embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and in Canberra, Australia. He is currently an officer with the New York MTA Police Department

* Talon Smith: Smith, whose father served in the U.S. Air Force, is currently a U.S. Navy Corpsman 1st Reconnaissance Bn, stationed in Camp Pendleton. He just returned from deployment in Afghanistan in April. Smith has nearly completed his enlistment in the Navy

* Tom Stroup: A current member of the Orange County (Florida) Sheriff’s Department and a SWAT Commander, Stroup is a five-time world champion of international SWAT competitions. He is a fitness trainer, and he is also a gold medalist in the “Toughest Cop Alive” competition, a national competition held annually in Florida.

This is not a show where your root for your favorite celebrity, you root for the charity they represent…

* Perfect example for me is I do not care for Dean Cain but his charity is one of my favorites: Wounded Warrior Project

* What I saw last night of Todd Palin, Oh My Goodness! He is a rocking stud! Armed Services YMCA Alaska

* ELIMNATED Dolvett Quince from Biggest Loser: Got Your 6 is a campaign led by the entertainment industry that will help create a new conversation in America, one where veterans and military families are perceived as both leaders and civic assets.

* Nick Lachey: The Badge of Honor Memorial Foundation acts as a “watchdog” organization for the widows and children of these fallen police officers, assuring they receive the statutory benefits due them.

* Laila Ali: Military Child Education Coalition The work of the Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) is focused on ensuring quality educational opportunities for all military children affected by mobility, family separation, and transition.

* Picabo Street accomplished and widely adored American alpine ski racer and retired member of the U.S. Ski Team : Hiring Our Heroes The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and National Chamber Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes program, together with Toyota and Medal of Honor Recipient Sergeant Dakota Meyer, launched the Personal Branding initiative today to help military veterans and transitioning service members better market themselves to employers.

* Terry Crews National Football League player : The Pat Tillman Foundation Family and friends created the Pat Tillman Foundation in 2004 to honor Pat’s legacy and pay tribute to his commitment to leadership and service. The mission of the Pat Tillman Foundation is to invest in military veterans and their spouses through educational scholarships; building a diverse community of leaders committed to service to others.

* Eve Torres WWE Divas Champion: USO

Desmond Tutu & Sharon Osbourne are crucifying this show but thats OK with me because I watched it anyway.

If you missed it here is the full episode Turn up the Volume for the genuine exercise and don’t forget Full screen:

To me this is an exciting show and not like most reality based celebrities. This is real. As Cain said last night ‘I realized I could die out here’. I give it a !!!! for the Patriotism and the true reality. ~ JP

If you missed this week’s episode Watch @ HULU

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Things are again changing and evolving with

As we speak, is being transformed from a produced-type Internet TV talk show to the new “TMZ of Conservative politics”. Led by your PolitiChicks cast, we will have original articles, shorter videos and up-to-the minute news and information written, researched and produced by women from all over the United States.

GONE will be the pastel colors and yes, we are retiring the lips. PC.TV will still be fun and informative (after all, we ARE the PolitiChicks) but in an edgier, bolder and much more user-friendly way.

From Ann-Marie Murrell named the New National Director of and so proud to say,my friend:

As the elections approach, we realize it’s time to get very serious and become more involved in all of the nationwide elections. We need to reach as many people as humanly possible–and the way we’re doing this is by building an army of Nationwide PolitiChicks.

You will already know many of these women—they are strong forces in the social networking world, writers, bloggers, radio hosts, nationally known singers and more. Others are stay-at-home moms (and yes, that IS a job), teachers, wives of politicians and local activists.

These women are not only motivated to help save our country but they’re also ready to launch a major attack on the Mainstream Media.

We didn’t start the fire

It was always burning

Since the world’s been turning

No we didn’t light it

But we tried to fight it

~ We will do that with our last breath…

We at believe that Conservative women are going to save this country—and the PolitiChicks Movement will give these women a megaphone to let their voices be heard.

So is thrilled to announce that Samantha (JUST Piper) will be one of our Alabama PolitiChicks contributors:

I became a political activist at eight years old when my mother became the first female GOP Ward leader. This in Obama’s Chicago against the Daley Machine. I am a hard core Constitutional Conservative who was part of the Alan Keyes campaign against Obama when he ran for the Illinois Senate.

We knew the threat to our country.

I love my adopted state and it brought me closer to my favorite Senator, Senator Jeff Sessions. I can be true to myself here in Alabama. I can be Patriotic. I can be Christian. And not be vilified for these beliefs.The state motto of Alabama says it best:”We Dare Defend our Rights.”

I have also been heavily involved in the connection of the Middle East and the liberal agenda in America. I envisioned the threat over a decade ago and you will also see this in my ‘PolitChick’

You could say PolitChicks is the epitome of a five decade fight that I am not through fighting.

JUST Piper

So stay tuned for our re-launch and watch for articles, videos and interviews from your new Alabama PolitiChick, Samantha.

We at believe Conservative women are going to save this country—and the PolitiChicks Nation wants to provide these women with megaphones to finally allow their voices to be heard.

Ann-Marie Murrell

PolitiChicks co-host and National Director/Editor-in-Chief of