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The last National Intelligence Estimate on Iran’s nuclear program was in 2007. It was notable for saying that Iran had given up on building a bomb back in 2003 but continued research into a weapon. It also noted that Iran was unlikely to be able to build a weapon until as late as 2015.

But sources are telling Haaretz that a new NIE on Iran is now in Obama’s hands that believes they are accelerating their nuclear program and could have the capability to build one more quickly than first thought:

President Barack Obama recently received a new National Intelligence Estimate report on the Iranian nuclear program, which shares Israel’s view that Iran has made surprising, significant progress toward military nuclear capability, Western diplomats and Israeli officials have informed Haaretz.

This NIE report on Iran was supposed to have been submitted to Obama a few weeks ago, but it was revised to include new and alarming intelligence information about military components of Iran’s nuclear program. Haaretz has learned that the report’s conclusions are quite similar to those drawn by Israel’s intelligence community.

The NIE report contends that Iran has made surprising, notable progress in the research and development of key components of its military nuclear program.

The NIE reports are the most important assessments compiled by the U.S. intelligence community and are submitted to the president and other top governmental officials. This NIE report was compiled by an inter-departmental team headed by director of National Intelligence James Clapper. Its contents articulate the views of American intelligence agencies.

In 2007, the NIE report on the Iranian issue included a non-classified abstract, but this time the White House decided to keep the new report’s contents under wraps. There has been no clear disclosure of the very existence of the report and its submission to Obama.

It is possible that Israel has become so concerned with Iranian efforts to build a bomb that they shared some intel with us that we didn’t have previously. Mossad’s human intelligence assets in Iran are far superior to ours. Or perhaps the malware we’ve been using to spy on Iran’s nuke program revealed something surprising.

Whatever the new intel shows, it was significant enough for Obama to keep it a secret.

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Aug 112012

Paul Ryan answers “What do you consider the best course of action to defeat President Barack Obama?”

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Aug 112012

(AP) — Federal investigators probing the cause of a massive Chevron refinery fire in Northern California are focusing on corrosion in a decades-old pipe the company inspected late last year.

Investigators with the U.S. Chemical Safety Board say they’re trying to determine why Chevron didn’t replace the pipe when it had a major inspection in November.

That inspection led Chevron to replace an old pipe connected to the one that failed in Richmond on Monday, catching fire, sending up black smoke and causing thousands to seek medical attention.

Also, investigators told The Associated Press on Saturday that more than a dozen Chevron refinery workers were engulfed by vapor and escaped serious injury by just seconds when it ignited.

Chevron did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

On Tuesday LEVEL 3 Fire at Chevron refinery

I challenge you to find any MSM news on this :)

A small fire has been extinguished at the Chevron refinery in Richmond, just two days after a major fire burned for several hours at the same refinery.

The following is from Chevron:

On Wednesday, a small secondary fire ignited near the initial fire location. The second fire resulted in no injuries, presented no immediate threat to the public and was extinguished in minutes. When Chevron personnel responded to the second fire, the Richmond Fire Department reported to the refinery’s firehouse as backup support, which is standard operating procedure.

- source

Consumer advocates say a major fire at an oil refinery in the San Francisco Bay area, one of the country’s largest, will push gas prices above $4 for a gallon of regular on the West Coast.

BTW Illinois and many are already feeling the pinch

Also See: Residents near refinery fire heckle Chevron execs

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IF you have a small Business You Did Build That! We Promise Equal Opportunity Not Equal Outcome! – Paul Ryan Vice- President Nominee

The commitment Mitt Romney and I make to you is this: We won’t duck the tough issues…we will lead! We won’t blame others…we will take responsibility! We won’t replace our founding principles…we will reapply them! We will honor you, our fellow citizens, by giving you the right and opportunity to make the choice: What kind of country do we want to have? What kind of people do we want to be? We can turn this thing around. Real solutions can be delivered. But, it will take leadership. And the courage to tell you the truth. Mitt Romney is this kind of leader. I’m excited for what lies ahead and I’m thrilled to be a part of America’s Comeback Team. And together, we will unite America and get this done. Thank you.

Full Transcript of Speech

image: FOX

I LOVE this image. It is so obvious Ryan brings out the best in Romney. That Mitt genuinely likes Paul. This is Good :) Mitt has chosen Conservatives with Paul Ryan. Good on you Mitt!

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“I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits — either now or in the future.”

(Remarks by President Obama to a Joint Session of Congress, September 9, 2009)

This afternoon Budget Committee Ranking Member Ryan walked through why the bill put forward by Democrats FAILS the President’s deficit test.

Watch Obama’s facial expressions:

The Majority Leader said the bill scores as reducing deficit by $131 billion over the next 10 years.

First a little bit about CBO: I work with them every single day; very good people; great professionals. They do their jobs well. But their job is to score what is placed in front of them. And what has been placed in front of them is a bill that is fill of gimmicks and smoke and mirrors.

Now what do I mean when I say that?

First off, the bill has ten years of tax increases and ten years of Medicare cuts to pay for six years of spending. The true ten year cost when subsidies kick-in? $2.3 trillion.

The bill is full of gimmicks that more than erase the false claim of deficit reduction:

- $52 billion of savings is claimed by counting increased Social Security payroll revenues. These dollars are already claimed for future Social Security beneficiaries, and claiming to offset the cost of this bill either means were double-counting or were not going to pay Social Security benefits.

– $72 billion in savings is claimed from the CLASS Act long-term care insurance. These so-called savings are not offsets, but rather premiums collected to pay for future benefits. Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad has called these savings, A ponzi scheme that would make Bernie Madoff proud.

On Medicare:

Additionally, the nearly half-trillion dollars in Medicare cuts cannot be counted twice. Medicare is in dire need of reform in order to make certain that we can ensure health security for future seniors.

Using Medicare as a piggy bank, it raids a half trillion dollars from retirees health coverage to fund the creation of another open-ended health care entitlement.

The Presidents chief Medicare actuary says up to 20% of Medicare providers may go bankrupt or stop taking Medicare beneficiaries as a result. Millions of seniors who have chosen Medicare Advantage will lose the coverage they now enjoy.

Objections to the policy aside, you cannot use these savings twice to both extend the life of Medicare and to pay for other spending. The half-trillion dollars in Medicare cuts are either to extend the programs solvency or to reduce the cost of this deficit but not both as its authors claim.

When you strip away the double-counting of Medicare cuts, the so-called savings from Social Security payroll taxes and the CLASS Act, the deficit increases by $460 billion over first ten years and $1.4 trillion over second ten years.

Finally, one of the most expensive and most cynical of the gimmicks applies to Medicare physician payments, the so-called Doc Fix.

By your own estimate, the Doc Fix adds an additional $371 billion to the cost of health care reform. With the price tag beyond what most Americans could handle, the Majority decided to simply remove this costly provision and deal with it in a stand-alone bill.

Ignoring this additional cost does not remove it from the backs of taxpayers. Hiding spending doesnt reduce spending.

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Aug 112012

Mitt Romney has a history of elevating young talent. Thanks to Robert Costa

As Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has risen in the vice-presidential sweepstakes, a few political observers have joked that the athletic 42-year-old congressman, with his jet-black hair and square jaw, looks like one of Romney’s five sons. But according to Romney confidants, Ryan’s appeal to the former Massachusetts governor is more professional than filial.

“He is the kind of smart, young guy that Mitt likes and Mitt would have probably hired at Bain,” says Mike Murphy, a former Romney adviser. “He shares the intellectual talent and positive outlook of the guys who Mitt mentored for decades.”

Back when he was running Bain Capital, Romney was known for following a management method called the “Bain Way.” In their book, The Real Romney, Michael Kranish and Scott Helman describe it as “intensely analytical and data driven.” It required a “healthy ego,” the authors write, “to go into a business and tell an owner how to run his own firm better.”

It also required a specific type of talent. Bain Capital operated as a small shop, and Romney took care to hire ambitious and serious business-school graduates — fresh-thinking young men he could develop, not just seasoned Wall Street hands.

In the late 1970s, “I was asked to help recruit bright, recently graduated MBAs to join the firm,” Romney recalls in his book, No Apology. “We were a cutting-edge company, we paid high salaries, and we usually landed the cream of the crop.

Read on…

Congratulations to a Choice Conservatives can be excited about!