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Harry Harry quite contrary, spews forth Obama’s bold lies, then ponders in his little head, why it’s His senate we despise!

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

Aug 042012

The Obama administration’s support for its Islamist allies means a lack of U.S. support for their enemies or, more properly, victims—the Christian and other non-Muslim minorities of the Muslim world. Consider the many recent proofs:

According to Pete Winn of CNS:

The U.S. State Department removed the sections covering religious freedom from the Country Reports on Human Rights that it released on May 24, three months past the statutory deadline Congress set for the release of these reports. The new human rights reports—purged of the sections that discuss the status of religious freedom in each of the countries covered—are also the human rights reports that include the period that covered the Arab Spring and its aftermath. Thus, the reports do not provide in-depth coverage of what has happened to Christians and other religious minorities in predominantly Muslim countries in the Middle East that saw the rise of revolutionary movements in 2011 in which Islamist forces played an instrumental role. For the first time ever, the State Department simply eliminated the section of religious freedom in its reports covering 2011… (emphasis added).

The CNS report goes on to quote several U.S. officials questioning the motives of the Obama administration. Former U.S. diplomat Thomas Farr said that he has “observed during the three-and-a-half years of the Obama administration that the issue of religious freedom has been distinctly downplayed.” Leonard Leo, former chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, said “to have pulled religious freedom out of it [the report] means that fewer people will obtain information,” so that “you don’t have the whole picture.”

It’s not the first time the administration has suppressed knowledge concerning the suffering of religious minorities under Islam. Earlier it suppressed knowledge concerning Islam itself (see a surreal example of the effects of such censorship):

Wednesday Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) and Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) opened a hearing to examine the emerging threat to the military from homegrown terrorists within the U.S. and named the armed services as the “most sought-after” target for radical Islamist extremist groups. Rep. Dan Lungren (R.-Calif.) asked Paul Stockton, assistant defense secretary for homeland defense, whether “we are at war with violent Islamist extremism.”

In “Obama Overlooks Christian Persecution,” James Walsh gives more examples of State Department indifference “regarding the New Years’ murders of Coptic Christians in Egypt and the ravaging of a cathedral,” including how the State Department “refused to list Egypt as ‘a country of particular concern,’ even as Christians and others were being murdered, churches destroyed, and girls kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam. “

Read on: And the evidence keeps mounting…

Aug 042012

Did Senator Reid have a Swiss-Miss weekend replete with lederhosen? Brought to you from PJ Media…

He is story # 5 @ 2:40

Irony: Harry sounds like a gurl and Janet sounds like a man. Michelle Obama looks like a man and Obama…( fill in the blank )

pederast How enlightening is the thesaurus…

Aug 042012

On August 11th, Brian A. Terry – the U.S. Border Patrol Agent who died an American hero as he fought to protect us from a Mexican drug cartel that was heavily armed with assault weapons by the failed U.S. Department of Justice gun-trafficking investigation known as Operation Fast and Furious – would have celebrated his 42nd birthday.

Although the Terry family has grieved since Brian died nearly 20 months ago, August 11th will be a day in which they will celebrate his life – a life he sacrificed defending our country. We hope you’ll join them in this celebration by signing Brian Terry’s digital birthday card.

Brian’s 42nd birthday is a perfect time to thank him and his family for everything he has given.

Brian served our country from the time he graduated high school when he joined the United States Marine Corps before becoming a police officer in his home state of Michigan. Brian had always aspired to become a federal agent; he realized this dream when he became a U.S. Border Patrol Agent. Brian loved his life and spent his last days on earth working in law enforcement, protecting his fellow citizens as a member of the elite Border Patrol Tactical Unit known as BORTAC.

Brian accomplished everything he wanted to in life and that is cause for celebration. Additionally, the Brian Terry Foundation has been created to honor Brian’s memory and create a living legacy dedicated to Brian through numerous initiatives in order that his life will always be celebrated.

But Brian’s memory deserves better treatment than it has received thus far. Although a congressional investigative report recently identified at least three Justice Department officials and five ATF agents as being primarily responsible for the creation and execution of the Fast and Furious scandal, the Terry family has yet to receive an explanation from the Justice Department as to why Brian had to die.

That is our gift to Brian, and by signing his birthday card, that can be your gift too.

Dear Brian,

As we celebrate your life on what would have been your 42nd birthday, I wanted to take a moment and thank you personally for your service to the United States and the ultimate sacrifice you made defending this country.

From the time you joined the United States Marine Corps following your high school graduation, you dedicated yourself to preserving America’s security and the safety of its citizens. It’s because of patriots like you and your fellow U.S. Border Patrol Agents that I and my family are able to live life without fear of violence.

In presenting this birthday card to you, I stand with the Terry family and other so many other Americans as they seek the information your memory deserves regarding the failed gun trafficking investigation known as Operation Fast and Furious that ultimately put the weapons into the hands of the men responsible for your death. It is my sincere hope that the Justice Department will do the right thing and immediately release all the documents the Terry family is seeking.

As an American citizen, I am extremely proud to have been defended by someone so committed to his country’s service. Thank you again for all that you have done. May God bless you and your family.

Happy birthday Brian!

Click image to Sign Brian’s Birthday Card and send to Congress and Mr. Holder, we did…

In the loving and enduring memory of Brian A. Terry, a true American hero!

The Brian Terry Foundation

Aug 042012

CBS Atlanta 46

As police, firefighters and neighbors searched for the children, Carvin Young, who lives across the street, joined in as well. He grabbed his 3-year-old Chihuahua and started looking.

“Bell sniffed them out,” Young said. “She smelled them, her tail went to wagging and she kept running and running until she got to them. She started jumping up on me and I knew we were close.”

The girls were found on the opposite side of the woods where they went in. Carlie’s and Lacey’s mom, Rebecca Parga, is grateful that her kids play with Bell almost every day and that the dog was able to pick up their scent.

“A sheer blessing that she (Bell) lives across the street from us,” Rebecca Parga said. “Bell is familiar with them, and she knew they were back there, she knew my kids. That’s what kept drawing her to go in that direction.”

The girls were a little scared when they were found but were not hurt.

“She is a good dog, everybody loves Bell,” Young said.

h/t WT

Aug 042012

“Gov. Bobby Jindal declared a state of emergency Friday in Assumption Parish after officials ordered an immediate evacuation of the Bayou Corne area because a slurry area appeared to be expanding.

“The fear of the unknown prompted the evacuation order,” said John Boudreaux, director of the parish’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. “The fear of it possibly compromising either the nearby pipelines or cavern storage areas, that could cause a risk to the community.”

Boudreaux said about 150 homes are affected by the order. He was unsure how long it would remain in effect. The governor’s emergency proclamation extends through Sept. 2 unless terminated earlier.”

New Orleans Local News, Weather, Sports, Investigations

FOX 8 detailed

As Sheila puts it, look at the images of the “slurry” HERE

h/t posted by Sheilaaliens

Aug 042012

In a story today on FOX titled House lawmakers invite Chick-fil-A to roost in their districts was buried at the very end of it:

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who supports same-sex marriage, said its nobody’s business what a company exec thinks, but City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who is openly gay and has mayoral aspirations, urged New York University not to renew a contract with Chick-fil-A.

So I wanted to know who she was.

I found out quickly she has mayoral aspirations.

She sent a letter to New York University president John Sexton on Saturday asking the school to immediately end their contract with the fast food restaurant. The Atlanta-based company’s sole New York City outlet is in the school’s food court.

So again we have a liberal politician trying to block Chik-Fil-A from operating. Will they never learn they are ‘Breaking the LAW’. And again I bring you someone to vote AGAINST.

Here is some of the letter she sent to Sexton:

“Let me be clear ‐‐ I do not want establishments in my city that hold such discriminatory views,” Quinn, an open lesbian who recently married her longtime partner, also wrote in the letter. “We are a city that believes our diversity is our greatest strength and we will fight anything and anyone that runs counter to that.”

“As such I urge you to sever your relationship with the Chick‐fil‐A establishment that exists on your campus,” the speaker added.

I am glad to report the letter has drawn the ire from others on the council.

“She can write to someone as a council member, but if she states that she is writing as the Speaker it can only be on behalf of the entire council. She has to have the majority vote of the council, and I don’t recall voting on this matter,” City Councilman Peter Vallone (D-Queens) told “A stance on gay marriage is in no way a forum to prevent someone form running a business in a community.

“If we allow something like this, then the next letter might be concerning someone’s view on abortion.”

A spokesperson for Quinn told in a written statement that, while officials in other cities have said they would block Chick-fil-A through land-use means, Quinn was just expressing her own views.

Whether the school will take Quinn’s advice remains to be seen. In 2011, NYU’s Student Senators Council considered a resolution to remove Chick-fil-A from campus but ultimately ruled that, “to ban any entity from campus for ideological reasons is, in most every case, to limit freedom of expression,” and did not seek a resolution from the full University Senate.

But John Beckman, a spokesman for NYU, tells in a written statement that given the recent news, the matter will be revisited by school officials.

“The University Administration will ask the University Senate to take up the issue of Chick-fil-A’s status on campus again when it reconvenes this fall to make a recommendation on how to proceed,” he said.

~ AFTER the election I’m sure!


Quinn also had posted a petition on last week that demands Cathy apologize for his remarks. Another petition on the website was created by an NYU student and gathered 15,000 signatures of students also demanding that the chicken chain be removed from U of Houston campus.This petition was posted with this: is the web’s leading platform for ‘social change’. See how this organization words their mission statement: ” from Chicago to Cape Town – can start their own grassroots campaign for change using our organizing platform. ” Why begin with Chicago? Although note Change is not happy with her. I was tempted to sign a few of those petitions. :)

The ‘Team’ I’m curious how they get their funding and from who? They launched JUST before Obama was elected. They are no doubt leftists. For certain causes, such as net neutrality,’s top results are the campaigns of politicians partial to the cause. So effectively creates a political slate, encouraging people to donate to those politicians. In some cases, picks out an anti-politician to oppose. For net neutrality, for example, it recommended a donation to the opponent of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens. So they do function under a guise oh ‘change’.

- source

In the long run keep an eye on Christine Quinn, she is plain no good. And it sure would not hurt to contact John Sexton and tell him he will break the law by banning Chik-Fil-A from existing on campus.


~ JP

Aug 042012

“The time is now to restore the principles and values that made our country exceptional.” – Karen Harrington

True to form, Democrat National Committee Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said that she was going to keep her kids from eating at the popular eatery.

Wasserman Schultz’s likely general election congressional opponent, Republican Karen Harrington is supporting of Chick-Fil-A.

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s advocating for the boycott of Chick-Fil-A, puts American jobs at risk in a shameless attempt to score political points. The Congresswoman is trying to deflect attention away from her support of President Obama’s failed economic policy, and the lack of job creation, by using a First Amendment issue to do so.-Karen Harrington


If you are in the 23rd district it is vital you vote Debbie out! Floridians who visit here, please support Karen. I know conservatives do NOT like Debbie at all. I have been in contact with Karen and she is such a genuine gal who cares.

Here is a video from Jul 24, 2011 of Karen exposing Debbie for who she is:

Here is my research on Wasserman Schultz so you can share the ‘Truth’ with anyone who can cast a vote against her…

* March { Video PROOF } Wasserman Schultz Denies She Compared Voter ID With Jim Crow Laws

* January 2011 Wasserman Schultz uses story from AZ shooting to oppose Obamacare repeal

* September 2010 She is named one of the ’50 Worst Deserters’

Also See from Florida : Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) defended his comments about some members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, in their ideology and policy, being communist when asked about the topic on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal on Monday.

* From Trevor Loudon who we all love: Allen West: Debbie Wasserman Schultz is Vile Unprofessional Despicable

Socialist Democrats love their country, believe in a National Health Care System, free education and Social Services for all its citizens. A Nation that puts People over Corporate Greed and Profit. Also understands that freedom of Religion or no Religious beliefs are a persons right. We are the Party of the Working Class, the Poor and Downtrodden.

* From Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz February 2011

* Memo to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz from The Right Kind of Woman Champions Life, Not Contraception

Now we know why we don’t like Debbie but this is what is great about Karen:

In the 2010 General election, and with only a few months of campaigning, Karen pulled in nearly 40% of the vote against Democratic incumbent Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. After such a strong showing in her first attempt at seeking public office, and an outcry of support from her family and supporters, Karen decided to make another run for Congress. She is running for public office to bring common sense back to Washington D.C., work on behalf of small business, tackle the crippling debt and ensure that Social Security and Medicare reforms become part of the political discourse in Washington, D.C.

Karen is a small business owner. This first hand experience taught Karen the value of family and the importance of hard work. She has continued to give back through fundraising for youth organizations and as a cancer survivor, is a strong advocate for Cancer Awareness. Karen and her husband Glenn have three children, Ryan, Kyle and daughter Ashley.

She was endorsed early on by our beloved Mark Levin. Some other’s who have also endorsed her are:

– Congresswoman Michele Bachmann
– Conservative Activist, Dale Peterson
– Phyllis Schlafly

JUST IN: Redstate Endorses Karen Harrington for Congress:

This is a tough district for a conservative to win. If more voters did their research on the candidates, they would know Karen Harrington is the only choice.

Karen on the Issues

Karen for Congress on Facebook Make sure you like ‘like’

Aug 042012


The Obama administration has revealed details of its sweeping immigration program that could allow almost one million undocumented young people to remain in the country, an initiative that is prompting nonprofit organizations to ramp up efforts to help potential beneficiaries.

~ That translates into HOW many votes?! How many are voting age?

This travesty begins on August 15th, see details below. Also see how Rahm/Durbin are telling them to avoid the $465 fee. ~ JP

The rules announced Friday offer concrete details of the most significant easing of immigration policy since President Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to an estimated three million people in 1986. The Obama program offers a two-year renewable exemption from deportation and a work permit to those brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

Grassroots groups and philanthropists, many caught by surprise by the June announcement, have scrambled to raise funds and reach potential applicants since the policy was announced.

About 900,000 people, mainly from Latin America and Asia, could be eligible. The states that boast the most potential beneficiaries are California, with more than 400,000, and Texas, with more than 225,000. New York City is home to about 55,000.

The Department of Homeland Security expects to receive 3,000 applications a day and will need to hire more than 1,400 full-time workers, as well as contract labor, according to sources familiar with the situation.

~ Does this account for the fact they reported more jobs while the unemployment numbers rose? The government sector?

- source

If you think the illegal aliens problem in this country is bad; if you think the outrageous amounts of our legal citizens’ tax paid dollars is unfair to legal citizens; and if you think that all the other free benefits such as welfare, housing, clothing, food, education even into the post high school years and preferences in employment are too burdensome now, as the saying goes, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

In the Vision to America (VTA) July 27, 2012 online Newsletter an article titled “Obama Plans Massive 2nd Term Amnesty for Illegals”. A follow-up sub-heading read, “Program would immediately register new Americans to vote.” How does that grab you?

I would simply ask you what you are thinking. Not waiting for your reply, I can guess that the great majority of you would say, “Holy somethingorother” and then start planning to move to an island in the South Pacific.

Before you start packing your duffel bag, let me state that Obama himself did not make that horrifying statement or statements on the illegal aliens in this country and the millions more soon to be crossing a U. S. border near you; according to the Vision to America, “The schemes and many more are documented in the soon-to-be-released book “Fool Me Twice: Obama’s Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed.”

~ Snippet:

The immigration reform bill written and introduced by two Hispanic U. S. Representatives, Ortiz and Gutierrez as stated above, have placed an inordinate amount of other restrictions in the bill on venues or sites where suspected illegal aliens may not be apprehended in the “premises or in the immediate vicinity of 20 sites: childcare provider; school; legal-service provider; federal court or state court proceeding; funeral home; cemetery; college, university; community services agency; social service agency; hospital; emergency care center; health care clinic; place of worship; day care center; head start center; school bus stop; recreation center; mental health facility; and a community center; also pregnant or disabled illegals.”

Full article

Which leads into this by liberal blogger Lynn Sweet of The Tribune:

Rep. Luis Gutierrez and Sen. Dick Durbin–both Illinois Democrats–on Wednesday taped a video warning DREAMers– not to fall prey to expensive cons as Aug. 15 looms–the day youths in the U.S. illegally can apply to stay in the U.S. legally.

The two–leaders in the drive to help youths in the U.S. illegally through no fault of their own–launched by Durbin–recorded the video in the Senate TV studio this afternoon.

Gutierrez, Durbin and Mayor Rahm Emanuel will be at an Aug. 15 workshop at Navy Pier in Chicago to provide assistance to people applying for work permits and deferrals of government action against them.

~ The State of Illinois is home to over 75,000 DREAM Act-eligible youth which translates into 75 k votes for Bambi etal in my home state alone, making me wish I was there for my annual visit in the month of August.

August 1, 2012 – Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez (IL-04) calls on DREAM-eligible students to step out of the shadows and sign up for deferred action, which the Obama Administration has announced will begin on August 15, 2012. The Congressman will be joined by Senator Dick Durbin and Mayor Rahm Emanuel at an event at Chicago’s Navy Pier on August 15.

Background from Gutierrez:

On June 15, President Obama and Secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano announced that they would spare certain immigrants from deportation and offer them deferred action, a two-year temporary reprieve, if they meet certain criteria. The criteria include having already lived in the U.S. for five years, being under age 16 when they arrived, being under age 31 currently, having a clean criminal record, and a high school diploma or equivalent, among other criteria.

The DREAM Act passed the House of Representatives in November 2010 by a vote of 216-198 but was blocked by a Republican-led filibuster in the Senate. It had previously passed the U.S. Senate as part of bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform in 2006. The DREAM Act was introduced in both the House and Senate previously during the current Congress.