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A bit of a background on lil’ wayne for those of you who are blessed enough not to hear or know him:

Arrests and incarceration

Lil Wayne is a Christian and reads the Bible regularly. Which completely blows my mind due to his music? and the following statements:

An arabic website has him

From a rocker named Mujahideen Ryder who reveals an interesting thing in his song “A Millie”:

May 11,2008 Lil Wayne Praises Allah in “A Millie” Lil Wayne says “and the almighty power of Allah” in the song “A Millie” featured on one of his songs from one of his mixtapes. It is also strange how the radio versions of the song replaces “Allah” with “dat chit cha cha cha chopper”. The song was so popular that it was added to his new album coming out “C3″ and guess what, the album version also replaces “Allah” with “dat chit cha cha cha chopper”.

Note: I found the original version. Allah mentioned @ appox. 35 sec..The version that ended up on the album was first called a millie 2.0 when it hit youtube. this version was out first.

Most of you probably may not know, but Lil Wayne is probably the number 1 rapper in the Hip Hop world right now.

Imagine the thousands of people who will hear “and the almighty power of Allah”. I’m sure you’ve seen people on the subway or buses rapping or singing along to the songs from their iPods. They may be unconsciously saying “and the almighty power of Allah”. Now most of you probably are like, so what? Who cares if some non-Muslim rapper mentions “Allah” in his rhyme. Well if you don’t care that’s fine, but I find this interesting how Islam appears in some form in the most unusual of places.

You never know if one person might be like “Why is Lil Wayne saying ‘almighty power of Allah’ in his song?”. Then that person may do some research, find some Muslims and strike up a conversation on Allah. Only Allah knows what his plan was when he willed it for His name to be mentioned in such a song.

Then there was this interesting advice:

The Nation of Islam Lil Wayne’s only way out

(about 1/4 way down page Here)

The Nation of Islam well known for the reformation of man, especially those who need reforming the most, being black, convicted and oppressed. My father knew Malcolm X, when he went by the name Detroit Red in Harlem, during his days of pimping whores. From what I heard the true story about him would have to be more graphic than the movie I saw starring Denzel Washington. Still it was a great movie.

Warning: (Explicit) Lil Wayne – My Homies Still too vulgar to post. Obsessed w skeletons. His granny nicknamed him ‘Tunechi’
the term used
by Baby and lil Wayne to describe a young male whore boy in the music industry.

The lyrics are all about sex/reefer NOTHING like the video, has NOTHING to do with the video! 1:54 shows scarab beetles and note they were (worshipped by the ancient Egyptians) running on walls briefly 3:27 shows bat (batman?) for brief second skeletons in theater @ 3:37 @ 3:48. What is apparent these things are but brief flashes. I’m sure there are more innuendos in the video.

Creepy: Lil Wayne’s “Homies Still” Shows 12 Skeletons In A Movie Theater (12 People Died In The Dark Knight Movie Massacre)

THIS is the video that brings an unusual perspective:


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