Jul 172012

Guns, God and Country here in Alabama…


As the gun control crowd predictably tries to spin this tragedy into a justification of their unconstitutional aims, they conveniently ignore the incident in Toronto yesterday, wherein 2 were killed and 19 injured in a similar assault. Yes, in CANADA, home of extremely restrictive gun control laws, where ALL handguns are either illegal or severely restricted. And yes, the perps used handguns. Of course, the law-abiding victims had no means with which to defend themselves.

Multiple people are injured after an early morning shooting in Tuscaloosa. It happened at the Copper Top Bar, located at 4th Street and 23rd Avenue. The bar is known to be a popular hangout for college students. People inside the bar at the time of the shooting say it sounded like fireworks. A man who was shot says he quickly realized it was someone on the outside shooting into the bar. We’re told the shooting is related to another shooting at the Indian Lakes Subdivision in Northport.

ABC 33/40 – Birmingham News, Weather, Sports

Seventeen people were transported to DCH Regional Medical Center and five were admitted for their injuries, DCH spokesman Brad Fisher said at 9:10 a.m. Two are in the ICU, with one in critical condition and one in serious condition. Three others are in regular care and are listed in fair condition. Twelve victims have been treated and released.

The shooter has not been arrested. The Tuscaloosa Police Department has released photo and video surveillance footage of the suspect and is asking for information on the suspect.

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Will update later after the noon news…In Birmingham and surrounding neighborhoods it is beginning to look more like Chicago with teen/gang violence :(

Update from JUST in News conference:

UPDATE 10:30 a.m. – Play by Play of Tuscaloosa mass shooting press conference:

Per Tuscaloosa Police Department Chief Steven Anderson:

Victims are talking, but it’s unclear how many shots were fired. They don’t know how many shots were fired. Officials are unclear about how were many hit by projectiles and other hit by shrapnel

The shooter stood there for a few minutes before shooting.

One individual is in very critical, 3 in serious condition.

The shooter used a military style assault weapon. When the individual fired shots that person moved individual moved from section to section – shooting from the outside.

They canvassed the area and sent out a helicopter to see if anyone was wounded.

Investigators are collecting shell casings and submitting them.

At Northport around 11:47pm last night there was a separate shooting at a residence – at least two inside—one wounded.

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  1. Alabama police launch manhunt after 17 wounded in bar shooting

    But DCH Regional Medical Center said it treated all 17 that were wounded.

    “As of 8 a.m., two patients have been admitted to critical care and three have been admitted to regular hospital rooms, and 12 were treated and released,” a spokesman said in a statement.




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