Jul 022012

The Supreme Court has made its decision on the health care overhaul.

Now it’s up to the voters to make theirs. And as Democrats and Republicans amp up their campaign to refocus the November race in part around health care, the melee could start looking a lot like 2010 — when both sides clashed over President Obama’s signature domestic policy achievement.

Of course, Democrats want to avoid the outcome of 2010, when they lost control of the House and lost several seats in the Senate.

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DictatorCare is not about health-care, but about dramatically expanding government control over its citizens…

Regardless of how anyone attempts to justify the unjustifiable, 6/28/2012 will go down in American history as ‘Traitor Thursday,’ the day our constitutional republic was officially assassinated! DictatorCare is not about health-care, but about dramatically expanding government control over its citizens. It matters not what educational pedigree one might brandish, only the morally and ethically blind would embrace the lies and the subterfuge within this Trojan Horse.

Our religious and personal freedoms have been disemboweled from us, just as William Wallace was disemboweled for refusing to submit to English domination. Will people finally admit we can’t count upon Republicrats to do the right thing? Our moral and character crisis is driving us towards social, fiscal and constitutional Armageddon! ‘Experts’ are saying that November is our opportunity to correct the wrongs of our government. How naïve and arrogant can ‘experts’ be? One thing is certain. The solutions conservatives seek will not come through elections, at least not elections alone.

In the past fifty years, with the possible exception of Ronald Reagan’s two terms, when have elections brought us the conservative, moral, ethical and fiscal leadership that mirrored the ideals of our founders? The TEA Party movement was instrumental in rescuing the House of Representatives from the Demoncrats, but the Gutless Opposition Party elite have undermined what the TEA Party members were sent to D. C. to do. The GOP elite are even more sinister than the Demoncrats.

Satan has immersed himself throughout both of our major political parties, our society and churches.

Our only true hopes for recapturing our constitutional republic is God’s infinite mercy and intervention, along with us coming together as patriots to restore our constitutional republic. Our founding fathers called upon God and each other to establish a new nation built upon Judeo-Christian principles. They were a minority, but with God central to their cause, they were able to achieve the heretofore believed unachievable. Satan has labored for 236 years to destroy the greatest non-religious compact between God and man in the history of man. Until we reunite with our Creator and each other, we will continue to witness the ravenous appetite of a Satan-inspired, lawless, dictatorial government.

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* Additionally, on American holidays, we can wear black or black armbands in lieu of the red, white and blue to display our disgust and lack of trust of our government. Only when DictatorCare and its coercion dictate is repealed, Dodd-Frank is repealed, the EPA is dismantled and its stranglehold upon our natural resources is eliminated, those behind ‘Fast & Furious’ are prosecuted, voter fraud is addressed, and our national sovereignty is re-established, etc. will we exit the darkness to which we are currently subjected, allowing us to proudly display and wear our patriotic colors once again.

We have several opportunities in our immediate future to display our unity for our constitutionally protected religious and personal freedoms. Independence Day (July 4th) is only days away. Baseball’s All-Star game is on July 10th, the Olympics are fast approaching, as are the collegiate and professional football seasons. Think of what the Nazi Broadcasting System (NBC) has invested in covering the Olympics, and how a significant reduction in viewership will seriously impact the network! FOX, CBS, ABC and ESPN have a lot to lose during football season if there is a big drop in interest and/or viewership. It may appear that I am asking a lot for all of us to forgo support of our Olympians and all of these events (I live in the Kansas City metro, site of the All-Star game), but drastic times and traitorous politicians demand drastic action.

With all of our freedoms that our form of government has afforded us and the resources to which we have been blessed by God, shrinking from our responsibility of passing our freedoms and resources to future generations means our darkness will be the worst experienced by any nation within the last two centuries. God cannot be defeated in the long term, but if we don’t turn to Him, begging for forgiveness and His divine intervention, He will allow Satan a temporary victory, until a future generation will embrace Him, as we should have. It’s time to hide the remote and tear up our tickets. If not for ourselves, we must act to preserve our constitutional republic for our children and generations to come, just as our parents and grandparents did for us.

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