Jul 272012

The moment Superstorm struck New York: At least two dead after TORNADO and torrential rain batter eastern seaboard

* One man was killed in Brooklyn, New York, and a woman died in Genesee, Pennsylvania

* 32 million people in path of severe storm and New York City has ‘unusually high risk’ of tornado

* State of emergency issued after tornado touched down in Elmira, NY at 4.15pm with fires, building damage and motorists trapped in cars

* Flights delayed up to 2 hours at JFK, La Guardia and Newark airports

* Campsites evacuated in Allegany and Niagara regions

Here it comes! The storm system can be seen on the weather map edging its way towards New York City and surrounding area

Derecho: Severe thunderstorms are predicted for Chicago and Philadelphia, with tornado watches along the Eastern Seaboard

Skyline: The storms sent black, menacing clouds rolling across New York City on Thursday

At least two people were killed after a ferocious storm hit the U.S.’s East Coast, grounding hundreds of flights and leaving tens of thousands of residents without power.

A state of emergency and curfew were in effect in Elmira, New York, this morning after a suspected tornado toppled power lines and trees and hospitals were placed on disaster alert.

Only emergency vehicles allowed on the streets until 8 am while the damage was cleared, Chemung County Office of Fire and Emergency Management spokeswoman Karen Miner said.

Uprooted: An enormous tree is torn up by the force of a tornado which touched down in Elmira as the east coast was battered by severe weather

As the storms sent black, menacing clouds rolling across Midwest and Northeast, hail ranging from the size of a dime to a quarter fell in some areas of Pennsylvania, AccuWeather.com said.

Hundreds of flights were cancelled and at least 300,000 homes suffered power cuts in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut after warnings of tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, hail and hurricane-strength winds along the East Coast.

While a middle-aged woman, who has not been identified, reportedly died in Genesee, Pennsylvania, due to the violent weather, according to WGRZ.

Crushed: A crushed automobile is seen the morning after the town was hit by a tornado in Elmira, New York July 27, 2012

Fatal: A prosecutor with the state attorney general¿s office was killed after he was hit by scaffolding and bricks that fell from a church steeple that was struck by lightning in Brooklyn, New York

Lightning strikes the antenna on the top of the Empire State Building yesterday

Dark and stormy: Clouds rumble over New York as severe weather broke along the East Coast yesterday

Intense: The sky darkened and thunder rumbled Thursday evening as a severe thunderstorm blew through New York City

Around 32 million people were directly in the path of the storm including those in and around New York City, according to the Storm Prediction Center.

Skies darkened over Manhattan around 6pm with heavy downpours on the island and in the Bronx first, then rolling across Staten Island, Queens and Brooklyn.

Winds of up to 60mph were being reported on the Hudson’s Tappan Zee Bridge but the worst was expected to be over by 10pm.

Westchester County and parts of Connecticut were hardest hit with downed trees and damaged power lines.

Authorities evacuated campsites across New York State. The Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation encouraged those in trailers, recreational vehicles and cabins to leave ten sites in the Allegany and Niagara regions of western New York and the Taconic and Palisades regions to the east.

City slickers: Pedestrians rush through a torrential downpour in Times Square, Manhattan

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