Jul 112012

Shark Tank Media uncovers the following…

The ‘Dump West’ Super PAC, backed by George Soros himself, is taking aim at Conservative Congressman Allen West. As we reported earlier, a “top national Democrat operative has been retained by a new George Soros-backed super-PAC to target Congressman Allen West for defeat this November.”

The Super PAC has been christened “Dump West” and is expected to file with the Federal Election Commission early next week. Sources have told The Shark Tank that a website along with a targeted web advertising campaign will soon be launched. Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi asked former Congressman Larry Smith, who’s now working as a lobbyist, to help line up initial funding for the group. West is said to be at the top of Pelosi’s hit list.

Sources have also us that left wing billionaire George Soros is among those who committed to a $5 million war chest to defeat West. “It’s not surprising that the hard Left is seeking to beat West” said Florida Tea Party leader Eric Von Tausch “West’s a conservative hero.”-(Source-Soros SuperPAC)

Our source has confirmed that the PAC will indeed file early next week, most probably on Tuesday, and hope to immediately start fundraising.

Now the Shark Tank has obtained the actual ‘Confidential Memorandum” that was circulated among “Interested Parties.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is fully on-board in the efforts to raise money for the “Dump West” effort. West’s Democratic opponent Patrick Murphy has raised a sizeable war chest and those donors who has given him the maximum are viewed as potential donors to the “Dump West” effort.

Conservative activists think that exposure of the Soros backed anti-West Super PAC will only spur pro-West Super-PAC activities. “We need to spend dollar for dollar with the liberals to re-elect Allen,” said Von Tausch.

Also a matter of speculation is the involvement in these efforts of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is facing a tough re-election race from Republican candidate Karen Harrington.

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Allen West on The Mark Levin Show July 10

Allen West is just getting started taking the fight to Washington.

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