Jul 162012

George was hell bent on making this about erroneous lies about Bain, but Kelly is not ruffled and does not miss a beat! She was not about to let George make this about Bain…

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* Robert Bentley Fires Back Against AP for Misleading Report on Romney

~ Making this about Obama not Bain…We Will NOT be distracted!

From WSJ:

The Tax Cliff Is a Growth Killer

No matter what happens from now on, 2013 will be a very tough year.

The United States faces an economic collapse thanks to massive tax increases on Jan. 1, and continued deficit spending for years on end.

~ And IMO, THIS is exactly what Obama meant about ‘Transformation’ = a deliberate crash of our economy!

Keynesians worry about spending cuts and to some extent the expiration of the temporary 2% payroll tax cut. But the looming expiration of the Bush tax rate cuts along with new levies enacted as part of ObamaCare pose the greatest threat.

The breadth of what will hit the country is extraordinary. The top federal rate on personal income will increase to 39.6% from 35%, with an additional 0.9% increase in the payroll tax for Medicare. The highest federal rate on dividends will increase to 43.4% from 15%, and the tax rate on capital gains will increase to 23.8% from 15%.

Finish reading this dire warning!


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