Jul 272012

“What the government cannot do is to punish someone for their words.”

– Adam Schwartz, American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois

As Chicago became the latest city to tell Chick-fil-A it isn’t welcome because its president doesn’t support gay marriage, legal experts said the communities don’t have a drumstick to stand on.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel became the second big-city mayor to blast the company over president Dan Cathy’s comment last week that he is “guilty as charged” for supporting the traditional definition of marriage. Emanuel spoke up after Alderman Proco Joe Moreno announced he intends to block the chain from opening its second Chicago location over his stance.

But barring the popular fast-food restaurant over the personal views of Cathy is an “open and shut” discrimination case, legal scholars told FoxNews.com.

The ACLU “strongly supports” same-sex marriage, Schwartz said, but noted that if a government can exclude a business for being against same-sex marriage, it can also exclude a business for being in support of same-sex marriage.

“But we also support the First Amendment,” he said. “We don’ think the government should exclude Chick-fil-A because of the anti-LGBT message. We believe this is clear cut.”

Jonathan Turley, a professor at the George Washington University Law School, said Moreno’s intentions raises “serious” constitutional concerns.

“It’s also a very slippery slope,” Turley told FoxNews.com. “If a City Council started to punish companies because of the viewpoints of their chief operating officers, that would become a very long list of banned companies.”

If Moreno did indeed put such a plan into action, it would be “excessive and likely unconstitutional,” Turley said.

A Chick-fil-A manager has gone on the record with this ‘anonymously’

“I accommodate protesters. Ask them if they would like anything to drink. I only ask they keep off the property. Even angry protesters find it hard to get mad when they realize we are just ordinary people. August 3rd is national gay kiss day at [Chick-fil-A]. I’m sure that will be fun.

“It sucks because I know a lot of good people and good business owners who are affected by one man’s views.”

“I honestly can say I don’t think I’ve ever worked with anyone who was a bigot. I’ve worked with evangelicals and I’m sure they had certain views but one of the most influential people I worked with was a Republican and a Christian. I’m neither but he helped get me into the position I am. I owe that guy a lot.”

~ I see it this way. We are showing support next Wednesday by the best commercial gift given to Chick-fil-A and eating there. ( BTW stats @ Huckabee’s FB are now – 2,050,540 – and commited to Going -291,756- and -31,314- may go). So a few days later the liberals will be boycotting them. We’ll see who comes out on top. Especially if protesters harass customers next Wednesday, which I fully expect them to do. So far protesters long in Long Beach, CA. seem t be civil and small in number. We will see. ~ JP

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