Jul 302012

A man was apparently caught by a rival gang member who shot him in the head as he tagged a wall on 22nd Place, just west of California Avenue early Saturday morning, according to police.

The man, one of at least six people shot overnight, was in extremely critical condition when taken to Mount Sinai Hospital a few blocks north on California Avenue. An evidence technician recovered a can of black paint that fell under a car and the smell of the paint lingered on the wall Saturday morning.

“It’s bad around here,” said one who has lived in the area for more than a decade. “They’re fighting for a block that don’t even belong to them.”

“Why would you fight for a piece of the street?” the other said incredulously.

A woman walking her dog tried to turn down an alley when a Chicago police officer who just snipped red crime scene tape startled her with a command:

“Watch that blood, watch that blood, ma’am,” he said. “Your dog might lick it or something.”

Nobody is in custody, and detectives from Area Central are investigating all of the shootings.

~ What happened to ‘preserving’ a crime scene and what is Obama going to do about this besides outlaw the 2nd amendment?! ~ JP

Video report and full article

h/t FOX Nation


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