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~ Background { ~ JP Today Clinton’s ‘Body Count’ Obama’s ‘Kill List’ ?! } Who is Dead Obama Staffer Alex Okrent?

ObamaBC has put together a comprehensive video and article which continues the story of Alex Okrent…

Obama Staffer Alex Okrent Stood Up For Taliban One Month After 9/11

- By Kris Zane

When George W. Bush was elected in 2001, the Left and the Mainstream Media went into overdrive, a prelude to what was done to Sarah Palin seven years later. But after 9/11, America saw Bush for what he was—a strong leader—and the Left had to dutifully bite their tongue, at least until things quieted down.

When it was safe again to give vent to the anti-American, Leftist rhetoric, Bush was electronically hung from the highest tree by everyone from the Mainstream Media to the academic ivory towers to Hollywood to the halls of Congress, making their attacks prior to 9/11 seem mild.

Not so for Alex Okrent, the Obama staffer whose existence has been dutifully scrubbed from the Internet. Less than a month after 9/11, while at Wesleyan University, he was taking part in an anti-American, anti-Israeli, socialist-organized classroom walkout literally on the day that we went to war with the Taliban, October 7, 2001, and voiced his support of the Taliban.

The Anti-Israeli, socialist organization (now associated with the Occupy movement) International Action Center organized the walkout, which the Wesleyan University’s newspaper, the Wesleyan Argus reported on:

“Wesleyan University students wishing to voice their concerns with United States military action against the Taliban stood up, stated their reasons for leaving, and walked out 10 minutes into their first class Monday morning. This action was part of a teach-in/walkout in response to the bombings in Afghanistan by the United States on Sunday. Those who left class attended various teach-in forums led by professors and students… Alex Okrent ’05 walked out of his French class, after making a statement (in French) to his professor about his reason for leaving.

‘I said, “I don’t want this to be taken as a measure of disrespect, but 10 minutes into class a group of students will be walking out and attending a teach-in and open mic with the goal of educating ourselves about what’s going on in Afghanistan,'” Okrent said.”‘ He was followed by 17 of the 18 people in his class.”

Okrent comes from a long-line of anti-Israel, socialist connections, his mom, Lynn Pollack and sister Abby Okrent filled to the gills with groups connected to the terrorist-linked Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR).

But unlike his Mom and Sis’ connections, Alex Okrent’s radicalism has been dutifully scrubbed from the Internet.

Was his anti-Israeli, socialist connections the reason he had to disappear?

We may never know.

~ I feel like Kris is a mirror image of the way I do research and investigations. I am so very glad to have found him.

Research from Kris…

Post from Alex Okrent’s Blog: Equality is a Moral Imperative posted on MyBarackObama

Anti-Israel S.H.I.T. list with Alex Okrent, Abby Okrent and Lynn Pollack listed being associated with pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel groups

Friday, March 05, 2010
Topic: Israel Announces adding al-Haram al-Ibrahimi in al-Khalil and Bilal ibn Ribah to the Registry of Historic Places
Guest: Lynn Pollack, Activist for a Just Peace between Israelis and Palestinians, Served on the National Board of Jewish Voice for Peace and Active on the Chicago Chapter
Host: Tuba Mujahid

Obama Official Says Hundreds of Meetings Held With CAIR

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~ BTW I never heard back from Joel ‘Pollak’ about the coincidence’s to Alex. Either he thinks I’m blowing smoke or he doesn’t want it known.


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