Jul 292012

White House press secretary Jay Carney is asked if President Obama will be running on his record or on the Clinton economy.

Reporter: My question is, is [President Obama] running on the Clinton economy or the Obama economy?

Carney: He is running on his record. He is running on a vision for the future and an economic plan that has as one component a fundamental principle that everyone ought to play by the same set of rules and everybody ought to get a fair shot and everyone ought to pay their fair share. Part of paying their fair share is simply suggesting that the highest income Americans; those making over $250,000; the top 2%, including millionaires and billionaires, can afford to, and should, pay income taxes at the marginal rate that was in place in the 1990s when we had one of the strongest economies in American history and when we created 24 million jobs. An economic record that occurred despite all the predictions of a bubble in those years.

Reporter: With unemployment over 8%, GDP slowing down now, the worst in a year, you’d rather talk about those years than…

Carney: We’re not talking… We’re talking about an economic policy. His plan, which we talk about all the time, which involves a balanced approach, including the expiration of the high-end Bush tax cuts. And as a rebuttal to the assertions from Republicans that this is terrible economic policy, he points to the facts, which are that, are that under President Clinton, marginal rates at that level were in place when we saw this substantial economic growth and job creation. But, lets be clear. I saw recently it suggested by a leading republican that the next President, whether it is President Obama in his second term or his opponent in his first, that his policies should be judged after six or nine months after they come into office, and after that period its a fair grace after which you can judge whether those policies are having an impact.

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Obama Running ‘from’ his record…

Is President Obama running from his record?


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